Are Two Wieners Better Than One?

Alright fans, it’s about time I level with you. Mum wants another wiener dog for our family, plain and simple. Dad is the one who isn’t convinced yet. He says... Read more

Oakley's Coming to Visit!

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll likely know that my little brother, Oakley, is coming to visit me this weekend! And, not only that, he’s staying for two whole... Read more

An Observant Dachshund

One major quality that Mum and Dad have always noticed in me is how observant I am. I’m not even sure if this is a general dachshund trait, but please... Read more

Happy Birthday to My Mum!

Today is Mum’s birthday! She’s turning 23, and still in the Cayman Islands, so I really miss her right now. In fact, as part of mine and Dad’s gift to... Read more