An Observant Dachshund

One major quality that Mum and Dad have always noticed in me is how observant I am. I’m not even sure if this is a general dachshund trait, but please do let me know in the comments or on Facebook if this is something your dog does, too!

For one thing, I’m not an overly excitable dog. I’m on the calmer side (except when it comes to squeaky balls). I like to spend more time watching others than rushing to join in.

My observancy was really noticeable when I flew on an airplane for the first time. I had never been in an airport before or around that many people. Whenever we would sit down on a bench or something, I would just sit there quietly and watch every person that passed – or dog, which was even more interesting.

Observant Dachshund

When we boarded the plane and found our seat, I wasn’t interested in watching the little TV in front of me, even though Mum put on Dog Whisperer for me. Nope, I hopped across the seats to the aisle. I stood up on the armrest and leaned out into the aisle and just stayed there looking up and down the plane, watching with curiosity as the people went about.

Wiener on a Plane

And just like every other dog I’m sure, I like to observe out the car window. Mainly for any babes passing by, but sometimes just to enjoy the scenery, too. When Dad takes me outside from our condo downtown, I like to go hop up on the picnic table and just survey the area. I have to keep a close eye for any squirrels that try to trespass on my territory – and even more so; cats! I’ve never met/seen a cat close-up yet, so you might say they are on my #1 most wanted list of mysterious creatures I want to do away with.

Dachshund on Picnic Table

When I’m not in the yard though, I will continue my watch from our condo window. Obviously, this frustrates me all the more when I do see something down in the yard, because I’m stuck up there and not able to do anything about it. As you know, Mum works from home, and she has reported multiple incidents of sudden temper tantrums I’ve had when spotting a something outside. The worst was when a squirrel was sleeping in my tree right outside my window. That was the ultimate insult.. Let’s just say that squirrel better hope I never catch it.

Anyway, another one of my favorite activities is to watch Mum and Dad go fishing. Some people find that fishing is a long and boring sport, especially for the attention span of a dog. But hey, I will calmly excitedly sit by the edge of the boat, not taking my eyes off Dad and the water from the moment he casts to the (possible) moment he brings in a fish. And when/if he does, it’s a big event.

Cute Dachshund in a Lifejacket

I’m especially observant when Mum or Dad build or do something on the floor (since that’s at my eye-level). For instance, when Mum (can’t remember seeing Dad..) fold laundry, I will sit beside her and casually watch what she is doing.

Same if Dad is building something. I will go sit right beside him and curiously observe what he does. I even offered to help him this weekend when he put together a new IKEA desk we got for Mum. He kept asking me to go get different screwdrivers. Now, I don’t know much about building, but I have an inkling that he just wanted to keep me preoccupied.

Dachshund Wiener Dog Holding Screwdriver

Although, I guess I can be a bit, ‘in the way’ sometimes.

Dachshund Woodworking Helper

But one thing I don’t ‘observe’ is the TV. I’ve heard of some dogs that can just sit there and watch it, but I’ve never been able to, unless of course it was when I was on TV!

So tell me if your doggy is an observer, and if yes what do they like to observe? Do you think it’s a common dachshund trait?

Keep watchin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,