About the Crusoe Show

The Crusoe Show stars the one and only Crusoe the Dachshund alongside his siblings Oakley and Daphne. Crusoe rose to fame over the years through his short viral videos as originally from Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. Those shorts evolved from 6 second videos.. to 15 seconds, to 30, and so on. But with the release of Facebook Watch, Crusoe adopted the longer form videos, adding in comical voiceover to the dogs to be able to tell more of a story, and his popularity grew even more. It was at this point that Crusoe's YouTube channel exploded, and continues to grow and maintain viewers as new episodes are released every several weeks.

Crusoe is not just internet-famous, but he is also the winner of the 2018 People's Choice Award for Animal Star, as well as a New York Times Bestselling author. His persona is that of a not-so-mildly-mannered little dog, who explores the world from less than a foot off the ground.

The Crusoe Show mixes Wishbone with Calvin & Hobbes, viral videos with sitcom-like dialogue, and with plenty of undertones for adults but fun viewing for all ages, too.

If you’re a network, studio, producer, or agency interested in the show, send me an email.