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Crusoe the Dachshund
Oakley Dachshund
Daphne Dachshund

Crusoe & Family

Crusoe is the larger-than-life, 14 year old dachshund who rose to the ranks of internet fame through his blog, books, and numerous viral videos. What started as a blog became two New York Times Bestselling books, and what started as short viral videos made for Vine and Instagram, became his popular YouTube series with 2m subs and 10+ minute long episodes featuring voice-overs for the dogs, original story lines, various characters, and epic escapades.

Crusoe's younger brother by 1.5 years, Oakley, was introduced shortly after Crusoe came on the scene, and has been by his side in many of their adventures. Then, in 2019, a new mischievous sister was introduced to the family who goes by Daphne, and in 2023, a new sister to Oakley named Delilah!

Although blessed with a pampered and fortunate life, Crusoe also had his fair share of health challenges. He underwent several major surgeries for the likes of IVDD, as well as gallbladder issues. Despite all his hurdles, he's still happy and having fun.

Crusoe's fans are the best of the internet, and we are so proud to call them apart of the Crusoe family, some spanning back as far as our beginnings now over 13 years ago! As part of Crusoe's mission, he recently launched a campaign for Cornell University Hospital for Animals, raising over $100,000 as a thank you for their care, much of which will go towards clinical research and trials, to better help more pets like Crusoe in the future.

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