Every dog owner needs to have this..!

I virtually never use Crusoe's blog to "promote a product", but some are just so important, it's truly in the best interest of all dog owners to learn about this. And I will be very clear that we do not make any affiliate commission off sales of this product. So our motivation is purely for the safety of dogs.

And why do we feel so strongly about the product I'm about to show you?

Because it could have really helped us in a past, dangerous situation. I only wish we knew/had this back at that time...

It all happened when I stupidly made Daphne pose with a tulip in her mouth for a Mother's Day photo, which I immediately posted to Instagram after taking it.

Tulips are toxic to dogs

I of course, did not know tulips were toxic to dogs. It was only after I posted the picture to Instagram and started seeing a few comments about the toxicity of tulips, that I quickly Googled it, and realized that I indeed made a big mistake!

So I deleted that post from Instagram. 

I figured Daphne might still be okay since she only held the stem in her mouth, she didn't "eat" any of it, and definitely didn't touch the bulb (which is supposedly the most toxic part).

However, a couple hours later, I found her on the couch looking really dizzy... She would flinch at any sort of hand movement, couldn't walk straight, and then started vomiting. 

Probably just from holding the stem in her mouth and biting a bit on it, she must have swallowed some of the juices. 

Just goes to show how toxic it must be...!

So we raced to the emergency, calling poison control on the way. It takes us a good 45 minutes to get to our emergency animal hospital, without traffic. She was already looking even worse by the time we got there. We were really concerned, but they gave her activated charcoal and fluids, and within a couple hours, she came back around.

Suffice to say it was a scary experience. 

So, that's the reason that when my veterinarian told me I should check out this new product, I instantly thought it was a brilliant idea, and definitely something we should have!

ReadyRESCUE activated carbon for dog intoxication

It's called ReadyRESCUE. It's a proprietary, vet-developed formula of activated carbon spheres, that you can administer yourself to your dog in case of emergency where you suspect your dog has ingested something toxic. 

It comes with 3 vials, full of the little charcoal spheres.

activated charcoal for dog intoxication at home


carbon charcoal for dog toxic at home

I'm sure we all have an experience with our dogs eating something they shouldn't.. The list of potentially toxic items just around the home is endless. Think tulips, mushrooms, chocolate, grapes, recreational drugs, cleaning chemicals, rodent/insect poison, etc, etc!

And what happens if you don't live super close to an emergency animal hospital?! Or you're away traveling, or camping?

With ReadyRESCUE, you only need mix in some of those carbon spheres into a bit of food, and it could potentially save their life.

Plus it's totally safe, so even if it turns out that whatever your dog ingested was not toxic, it still wouldn't hurt them to give it to them.

dachshund readyrescue activated carbon charcoal for home emergencies

So if you think your dog might have just eaten something toxic... just give ReadyRESCUE. 

Of course, it's not a total replacement for going to the vet. If your dog did eat something toxic, give ReadyRESCUE, and still head to the vet to ensure everything's okay.

We especially like this product for traveling - because if we're remote like a sailboat or camping, we can't quickly get to a vet. We actually have a 'dog travel pharmacy kit' we bring for all kinds of emergencies. And ReadyRESCUE is the latest addition!

So I absolutely recommend every dog owner have this at home or when traveling. You can also use code CUDDLECRUSOE to save 20% at DrCuddles.com.

And I'll just reiterate, I have no financial incentive or affiliate commission here. This is just a discount I arranged with them to make it even easier for you to get this product and help keep your dogs safe at home.

That's about it! 

As Daphne says..."Sniffs, don't eat!.."

tulips are toxic for dogs

"...but if you do, use ReadyRESCUE!"

Keep sniffin',


Keep ballin’,