There's no doubt Crusoe is one of the most well-cared for, pampered, and fortunate pups around today. But with that, we feel it's good karma to help give back to other dogs and other people out there as well. Especially as Crusoe went through two serious health hurtles, and overcame them in stride - thanks to the brilliant minds and hands at various institutions, we feel a deep need to not only say "thank you" to those who helped restore Crusoe to health, but also give back in a way that will help other dogs in the future get better care, or avoid going through what Crusoe had to.

The Crusoe Fund @ Cornell University

Crusoe Cornell Fund

After having his gallbladder removed in June of 2020, and whilst being completely normal and asymptomatic prior to that surgery, he subsequently developed exceptionally high liver enzymes, which was a strong sign that something was wrong.

Cornell University, well known as being perhaps the authority on canine liver issues, consulted and guided Crusoe for the next 8 months, trying to solve the mystery of the liver enzymes. This was a long time for Crusoe's parents of mental suffering and worry. Finally, it was determined Crusoe should undergo another, even more involved surgery to clear his bile duct, which was a decision taken far from lightly...

Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and with what could be called borderline miraculous, Crusoe's enzymes dropped down to normal range within two months later, which even the doctors were surprised by. We could not have asked for a better outcome.

Thus, the Crusoe Fund was formed. And without any grand aspirations (our goal was $10,000), Crusoe started a donation campaign as a thank you to Cornell. As testament to the care and love among Crusoe's fans, they came out in droves, and within just a couple days had raised over $100,000! Crusoe also promised and contributed to fund-match $10,000, which was also added in. This money will be going towards many great causes there, including new equipment, as well as funding important clinical research and trials - all to better help pets like Crusoe in the future.

All in all, its our proudest achievement in Crusoe's career yet.

Further Causes

Crusoe OVC trust

We also have a lot to thank to our local University of Guelph Animal Hospital, who conducted the first surgery and also oversaw a lot of Crusoe's dietary regiment. They even featured Crusoe on the cover of their OVC Pet Trust publication.

We are proud to have also raised around $15,000 for Guelph University, which much like the Cornell fund, will go towards important clinical research and trials.