Crusoe's Squeaky Ball Pop Mobile Game

Crusoe's Squeaky Ball POP!

Crusoe's squeaky ball factory has exploded, sending him and his fur-friends sprawling across the globe! Now it's up to YOU to help Crusoe find his friends as you match-3 and "pop" squeaky balls in hundreds of fun and challenging puzzle levels. Follow along the adorable storyline, play as Crusoe, Oakley, or Daphne, and unlock new outfits along the way!

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Crusoe's new game is a fun and challenging bubble pop puzzle game that is great for all ages but developed for adults primarily as a challenging puzzle game. Play as fast or slow as you like putting yourself to the test with tricky, match-3 style puzzles where you have to pop squeaky balls to save the squirrels and advance through levels.

Unlock new characters, costumes, boosters, and features as you move through the story, and play as Oakley and Daphne as well. Follow along the the adorable adventure with cute comic strips and videos to keep you entertained and engaged with beautifully illustrated maps and animations.

This game was two years in the making, and we put a lot of time, heart and soul into it, so we appreciate you giving it a try, playing, and if you love it - please do leave us a nice review on the App Store or Play Store!

Not sure how to play? See the definitive guide with everything you need to know to play and be a pro!

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