Activated Carbon - Emergency Aid for Toxicity Prevention

Activated Carbon - Emergency Aid for Toxicity Prevention

We are very picky and selective of any products we recommend to our fans... But this is one product we think every dog owner should have on hand!

We only wish we knew/had this product when Daphne herself experienced toxicity from a tulip stem, which landed her in emergency care. There are many toxic dangers for dogs inside and around the home, such as tulips, mushrooms, chocolate, grapes, recreational drugs, chemicals, rodent/insect poison, etc, etc.

And what happens if you don't live super close to an emergency animal hospital?! Or you're away traveling, or camping?

This is where ReadyRESCUE is a brilliant idea. It's a proprietary formula of activated carbon spheres that you yourself can easily and quickly administer to your dog in case of emergency. 

Plus it's totally safe, so even if it turns out that whatever your dog ingested was not toxic, it still wouldn't hurt them to give them this product. It's an easy, no-brainer, potentially life-saving tool for if you suspect toxicity in your dog.

So it's now something we always make sure to have on hand, whether at home or as part of our medical kit when we're away traveling.

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