Crusoe's Recommended Harness - BuddyBelts

Crusoe's Recommended Harness - BuddyBelts

One of the questions we get asked most often is "what harness does Crusoe wear?"

Well, there's one and only one brand of harness that Crusoe (and family) recommend, and that's BuddyBelts!

They have always seemed to just fit our dogs perfectly, and are the perfect balance between function.. and minimalism. Especially since we take a lot of photos, we don't like those large harnesses that cover up the dog too much with the bold patterns and logos, etc. 

Plus they're made of premium-quality leather, come in tons of different colors, and just work great. We've trusted Crusoe in his BuddyBelts harness for over 14 years and on all his travels across the world! 

Plus save 10% with Crusoe's code: