Oakley's Coming to Visit!

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll likely know that my little brother, Oakley, is coming to visit me this weekend! And, not only that, he’s staying for two whole weeks! I’m not going to deny that he doesn’t drive me nuts sometimes. But that’s okay, all brothers do after a while. For the majority of the time though, we’re bestest buddies!

two adventure wiener dog dachshunds

Oakley and I may be brothers, but we’re still quite different (even though we look very similar – especially in the above photo). One of my fans on Facebook was asking about Oakley’s ‘character’, so hopefully this will help illustrate some of that for all of you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Oakley is a goofball. Even the way he walks is goofy. He’s got this little kink in his back right leg that makes him wobble like a clumsy duck. He’s a bit in-your-face, he loves to play with toys or dogs, and seems to be able to have fun doing just about anything!

I on the other hand am a little more serious – or composed, maybe. Which is understandable considering I am managing my own celebrity career, while Oakley is just living the dream off of his Mommy and Daddy. Plus, he gets all my residual fame. You might even say he’s riding my coat tail.

C’mon, just look at that face!

Funniest Dachshund Face Ever

I shared this photo a while ago on Facebook and asked my fans to provide some ‘captions’ as to what Oakley might be saying or thinking in this photo. Here are just some of the top fan comments:

  • ‎”I’m not sure which cookies you’re talkin about…”
  • “What u talkin bout, Willis…”
  • “No girl you didn’t”
  • ‎”Nail trim? Uh…no thanks. I’m good”
  • “This is my best photographic side”
  • “Oh No the Paparazzi are here again”
  • “You touch these nails and POW straight in the kisser!”
  • “go ahead…!!!…make my day….!!!”

I’m the type of dog who would usually rather play with a ball than another dog. Oakley for the most part is the opposite. He loves to play with other dogs, especially me. I like to play with him, too – but after a while, enough is enough. He’s a bit rough, too. I don’t fight back too hard though. I want him to build his confidence (that way it’ll be easier to defeat him when we have a real wrestling match). Oakley’s on the right..

wiener dogs wrestling

When he was being raised, his parents had this thing about training him to be happy in an empty crate before moving to a more comfortable one. Still not sure exactly why, but anyway, I’ve always joked that if he bugs me too much I’ll throw him back in the jail he was raised in! But I’m kidding of course.. (I’ll just lock him in bathroom instead).

Cute Dachshund in a Prison Cell Cage

Common names that have been used to describe Oakley are: a bum, a monkey, and of course a goofball. So in other words, he’s a goofy monkey bum.

I’ve always admired his mischievous nature. For instance, he still loves to sneak into the bathroom, grab the end of the toilet roll and make a break for it, unrolling the toilet paper around the house. Classic!

Oakley’s always had a natural affinity with the water, too. He’s a pretty good swimmer. I’m not saying he’s better than me, but I’ll admit he’s more comfortable and willing to go in water than I am. The first time he went swimming, it was hilarious! I don’t think he was expecting the water to be so chilly.

Hilarious Funny Dachshund Face Expression

Once again, I asked my fans to provide some captions:

  • “You are going to put me in there??? Have you ever seen jaws?!”
  • “Somebody please HELP ME!!!!”
  • “Oh Hell No!”
  • ‎”Why couldn’t Crusoe go first???? Oh, yeah, HE’S the celebrity and I’ve gotta make sure the water temp is just right”
  • ‎”Someone tell me what I did, to be punished like THAT! I swear, I will Never Do It Again!”

And I’m sure you’ve all seen his picture of him driving the boat. If not, you’ll have to join me on Facebook for that one ; )

He also just had his first birthday, so that’s extra reason for me to show him a great time in my home city! I’ll have to show him my favorite squirrel spots, the best place to take a poop where no one can see you, where Mum hides the bones, and of course – go crusin’ on the town to pick up chicks. Oakley’s younger than me so I’ll have to show him the ropes. You know, be his wingman.

Cute Wiener Dog Puppy

I don’t think there’s any doubt that we’ll be getting into some major mischief. Brothers usually do.. But feel free to suggest an activities you would like to see us do!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,