Contest Winner: Pinky!

So as most of you know, the winner of my Celebrity-Moment Photo Contest was a cute lady dachshund by the name of Pinky! Here was her winning picture! So Pinky... Read more

Just a Couple Wiener Bros

Oakley and I are brothers, well, half-brothers. Or, ‘bruthas from different muthas’ (Mum says I need to stop watching rap videos – but man do they know how to be... Read more

Out for Coffee & a Treat

This past week I headed over to the Wag Pet Shop in Ottawa for a local dachshund meetup. I figured they might appreciate a little celebrity appearance. It was my... Read more

How I Became a Celebrity..

So in keeping with the theme of my current Celebrity Moment Photo Contest, I figured I would do a little post on one of the reasons I came to fame.... Read more

Celebrity-Moment Photo Contest!

I don’t usually do a post on a Monday, but today is special. I am introducing my first contest! It’s called the Celebrity Moment Photo Contest! and no, you don’t... Read more