A Dachshund Valentine's Day

This week was Valentine’s Day. Now to be completely honest, I am more of the go get ’em-type than the soft-hearted romantic. That’s usually how it is when you’re a celebrity.


You might say I am a womanizer. After all, who can resist such good looks, charm, impeccable physique, and smarts! And especially when all these qualities happen to be that of a celebrity. But anyway, this Valentine’s Day I stayed loyal to Pinky – and I hope she did, too! (although I know how she can be..)

She is my first ever Valentine – since after all I am only 2 years old, and last year I was a bit too young to know what real love is (or even what sexytime is). So I figured I would do something sweet, and give her this picture of me and a ‘pink’ flower, just for her.

I even went to the florist myself it pick it out. Well, okay not true – I told Dad which one I wanted and asked him to get it for me… Ah, I can’t do this, I stole one of Dad’s flowers he got for Mum, geez. But the thought still counts!

By the way, it’s the first time I’ve shared the below picture, so enjoy ; )


I also shared a few sexy ‘bedroom shots’ with her over Facebook yesterday, but here’s one of the more, ‘PG’ ones for my blog viewers..


I figured that for this year’s Valentine’s Day, instead of focusing on my own conquests, I would help make Mum and Dad’s day one to remember.

So dad brought me discretely aside a couple of days ago and showed me a nice little ring he got for Mum. He asked me to think of a way to romantically – and cutely, give it to her. I suggested I balance it on my nose like I do a treat and give it to her that way. He said it sounded like a plan!

I also offered to make them a nice romantic dinner, but they said they weren’t really in the mood for kibbles and water, so whatever.

Here is me with a little surprise for Mum up on my nose!


I don’t think Mum and Dad’s Valentine’s Day would have been nearly as romantic without me, but I wasn’t going to try to steal the credit away from Dad on this one. I told Mum it was all Dad’s idea to present her with the ring this way (but it was really mine, of course). Mum even secretly told me after that I was her real Valentine.. (and she even gave me more kisses than Dad!).

So if you ask me how I liked Valentine’s Day, I would say it was good, but that it would have been nice to be physically with my Valentine. I guess next year I’ll have to find a cute local girl (sorry Pinky!). But, who knows! By then I might be living in Hollywood or something like that..

Keep lovin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,