Contest Winner: Pinky!

So as most of you know, the winner of my Celebrity-Moment Photo Contest was a cute lady dachshund by the name of Pinky!

Here was her winning picture!

dachshund photo contest winner

So Pinky has told me a lot about herself, and I got to say she seems like a real sweetheart. Heck, she might as well be my e-valentine. I haven’t asked her officially but I’m sure she’d say yes..

She was born and raised in the beautiful state of Alabama, home of the BCS National College Football Champions (she wanted me to throw that in there). She seems to be quite the football gal. On her first day home as a puppy (born in 2009), she was greeted with the uproar of a big college football day. So, she’s been used to it from the start, and even has her own ‘Bama Howl to cheer on the games with!

Just look at that puppy picture! Who knew she would be destined to win my Celebrity Moment Contest..

cute white and tan dachshund puppy

And of course, here she is in her Alabama football sweater! She didn’t mention this, but I’m guessing she’s keeping watch for any ‘Tigers’ fans on her property. I wouldn’t doubt that she would greet them with one of her ferocious, ‘Bama Howls!

alabama crimson tide dog sweater

So couple things about her; she likes to take walks where she can schmooze with the other boys from da hood (she’s going to have to stop that if she’s going to be my e-valentine, but anyway..). She likes to chase cats (probably my favorite quality in her), and she likes to shop at PetSmart, once again to meet some other local hound boys. Looks like I’ll have to put down some ground rules with her pretty soon. Here she is, face-to-face with a scoundrel-looking cat. I expect the second after this photo was taken they broke into an all-out brawl (that’s what I would like to think anyway).

Pinky the Celebrity Dachshund

What I really love about the above picture is that you can tell her family loves her so much that they actually tiled their floor to match Pinky. Or maybe it was the other way around, I’m not sure (but I doubt it).

But what I also really like about her, and what really makes her a celebrity, is her philanthropic efforts. For instance, she volunteers at Green Valley Elementary as a ball girl, fetching and bringing back the tennis balls. Now that is caring for the community! I wouldn’t be good at that job. I would just take the tennis ball, destroy the squeaker (I assume all tennis balls squeak?), and then leave with the ball to add it to my immense collection.

dachshund playing tennis

When Pinky isn’t trying to pick up boys, she likes to go on long walks on the beach of the Alabama’s Gulf Shores. She’s got even bigger worries to look out for than my pettily bears and wolves here – she has to deal with gators (although I’ve dealt with one or two of them in my time). Here she is, collecting sea shells.

dachshund on beach

She’s actually very much the type of girl I like: shy at first, but fun once you get to know her. She is inquisitive, and a little cautious (except with boys, obviously). She considers herself (and so do I), a sweetheart. She gets along well with all animals – human or creature (except Tigers’ fans I would imagine..).

What was really touching was when she told me her most exciting moment. Actually, I’ll just quote exactly what she said:

“My most recent exciting moment……..of all so far…..Is the kindness and friendship among the people who gave me this celebrity moment in the first place….so much fun, playing with my fb friends cheering me on and getting votes….not to mention Crusoe the celebrity Dachshund for making the connection. Thanks guys & gals!!!! Love you all <3 Pinky”

I saved my favorite picture of her for last. Here she is, looking just ravishing while smelling the flowers..

cute dachshund in garden

So she’ll be my e-valentine, but I told her not to expect anything long-term to come out of this. I’m not ready for a committment yet.

Thanks to my sweetheart, Pinky, and all the rest who participated in my Celebrity-Moment Photo Contest. It was a great fun, and there will be more to come!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,