Just a Couple Wiener Bros

Oakley and I are brothers, well, half-brothers. Or, ‘bruthas from different muthas’ (Mum says I need to stop watching rap videos – but man do they know how to be celebrities!) He lives in Toronto, so I only seem him once in a while. But when I do, it’s always a great wiener reunion!

This is Oakley and I re-uniting at the airport (I’m in the sweater) after a long time of not seeing each other. A quick look at his wiener was all I needed to know that, “yup! That’s my brother!”

Wiener Dog Reunion

Anyway, Oakley is my bestest buddy – even if he does drive me nuts sometimes most of the time. Oakley is the type of doggy who would rather play with another dog than his toy, and for the most part, I am the opposite. But, I do love playing with him, and it’s great having another wiener around. That way I don’t have to use my attention-getting tactics on Mum and Dad anymore. In fact, I actually have to use my attention-getting-defense tactics against him.

So, my first step is to escape. That’s always the easiest. This worked really well against Oakley until a few months ago when he finally realized he was able to jump onto the couch (yes, yes, I know we’re not supposed to jump on couches…). But anyway, before that I could find refuge with one of my squeaky toys up on a couch which didn’t already have a ramp. Oakley would just come and hop up and down by the edge. That was nice.

But, that’s not to say we can’t enjoy some quiet time. Here’s the two of us fast asleep on the couch. Just like any sort of brothers, I told him we can’t be touching too much.

two adorable cute dachshunds sleeping

But back when the excitement starts up again, my next tactic is to run. He may be my brother, but he isn’t anywhere near faster than me. We run up and down the hall, and I’ll slow down until he comes up beside me, then ‘bam!’ – I tackle him. He rolls and becomes disoriented, and that’s when I escape to a different room.

It’s really easy to tell when Oakley is near, because he wears this goofy cat bell. What a doofus. I always make fun of him for that, but his Mum is an even bigger worrier than my Mum, and she feels it helps her know where he is at all times.

But Oakley is determined, and he’ll eventually find me. So we’ll wrestle a bit and run around, just trying to wear the guy down. After a while it gets to be too much, and like any normal grumpy dog, I’ll start to ‘voice’ my grumpiness a little, if you know what I mean..

Yet most of the time, Oakley is just looking to ‘spark’ playtime, and in doing so he likes to come and nudge me in the nose. My defense against that is to just ignore and look the other way. But that only works for so long. Just take a look to see what I mean.

But for the most part, we really are pals. He didn’t have a hunter mentor like I did growing up (Laffie), so I have to show him a few things when we go out in the woods. I teach him how to sneak up on critters, listen before charging, and just how to be agile in the forest.

We like to hang out on the beach together, too. Normally I’m too cool to wear a life jacket, but when Oakley is around I wear one just to set a good example. I am his big brother after all.

two wieners in life jackets

Oakley is surprisingly at ease in the water, and I’ll admit, even more so than me. Oakley will wonder into the shallows and just laze around there to cool off.

cutest puppy dachshund

He gets his cuteness from me.

Being my little brother, he’s always interested in whatever I’m doing. I pick up a new toy, he comes to get it. I eat lunch, he comes for a bite. I sniff something on the ground, he butts in. I’m ready to charge at a critter, he blunders forward..

two cute wieners on the beach

So anyway, it’s been a while again since I’ve seen Oakley, so I guess that’s the reason behind this post. I feel somewhat of a responsibility to be his example, and lead him in the footsteps of being an internationally renowned celebrity dachshund. Or, maybe he can already be considered a celebrity? Any friend of mine is a celebrity, like all your photos in my contest ; )

Does your doggy have a bestest buddy? A brother or sister, or just a friend?

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,