A Stowaway to Cayman Islands

As I’ve been telling everyone, Mum has just left today for the Cayman Islands. I am here writing this, so obviously my plan did not work, but I will tell... Read more

My Mentor & Role-Model

I haven’t dedicated a full post to my friend and mother-figure, Laffie yet, so here we are. She was there when I walked through the door as a puppy, and... Read more

Oh No, Anything But The VET!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you’ll likely know that I went through a very traumatic event yesterday. Mum took me to the VET, and without even... Read more

One Grumpy Wiener..

I’m usually a pretty happy, go-lucky guy. But even celebrities can be grumpy sometimes. Mum thought it would be funny to record all the times I get grumpy and then... Read more

A Dachshund Spa Treatment

As you know, Mum is planning on going to the Cayman Islands in March – without me. She knows how badly I want to come, but she insists that this... Read more