Happy Birthday to My Mum!

Today is Mum’s birthday! She’s turning 23, and still in the Cayman Islands, so I really miss her right now. In fact, as part of mine and Dad’s gift to her (Dad’s making me include him here), I decided I would write a sweet post, telling her how much I love her and all the ways I miss her. But first, here’s my birthday celebration photo to you, Mum!

Really Cute Dachshund Holding Birthday Balloons

When Mum left for the islands, I was heart-broken. Seeing her pack her suitcase, I thought for sure we were just going to Quebec for our usual weekend getaway. Not this time, she left me there, alone. When Dad finally came home from work, I was happy, but I kept looking past him to see if Mum was still to come from around the corner. She never came.

When I realized Mum wasn’t with him, I laid in the front entrance-way, looking at the door. Dad told me to come play with him, but I didn’t feel like it (and that says a lot).

And the first time he took me out for a walk since you left, when we came back I rushed inside and was looking everywhere for you. But you still weren’t there.

After the first couple days I got a bit better. Partying with Dad helped me wash some of my worries away. But as fun as he is, Mum gives me a certain comfort that Dad just can’t replace. I said before: Dad is my security, Mum my comfort. Those seem to be exclusive to each of them..

He doesn’t snuggle nearly as good as Mum, either. And he doesn’t smell as nice (but Dad’s socks taste better).

Now, Mum sent me the below picture from the Cayman Islands. I think she’s just teasing me as to the sunshine and clear blue water I could have enjoyed if I was there.

Dachshund in Cayman Islands

So since Mum teased me, I’m going to tease her. She’s not going to be able to control herself when she sees this cuteness! Now she knows what she’s missing over on this end! ; )

Cutest Dachshund Ever

I also love how Mum takes such good care of me. When she’s around I never have to worry about not being fed on time, or always having fresh water in my bowl, or picking my toys up after me, and of course giving me kisses at every chance she gets. Actually now that I think about, I’m sure Dad misses all those things too..

She really keeps our household on schedule and in control. I just wish she was here so I could give her a birthday hug and kiss. But since I can’t give her my present at this moment, here is a picture of me in a gift bag – since Mum always says I’m the best gift she could ever have (Dad too).

Cute Dachshund in Birthday Gift Bag

I hope you enjoy your birthday, Mum. I know you have my picture over there, so you can just give that lots of kisses for me. I’ll be sure to give you lots when you come home. I love you a ton! (and so does Dad!).

Don’t forget to bring me back something good.

Keep lovin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,