When Mum is Away..

It’s only been a few days since Mum left for Cayman Islands, leaving Dad and I here alone. At first I was really upset that she left. I still miss her, but am having fun with Dad.

I think what I like best is the freedom. We’ve totally abandoned the routine Mum tried so hard to set for me – staying up until past midnight, sleeping in, eating at odd hours, partying, etc. This is the celebrity life I’ve been looking for.

Dad said I could have a girl come to sleep over anytime – and he said she doesn’t even have to sleep in a separate crate. Pretty cool Dad if you ask me. He even took it a step further by taking me cruisin’ downtown to find some babes.

Dachshund in a Car

Whenever I see a pretty girl, he taught me to just smile and wink..

We even stopped to go for a walk down the street. We ended up meeting this cute French dachshund. She didn’t speak English, but that was okay because I can speak a little French. I was able to ask her for her phone number. The whole time I could barely concentrate on what she was saying though because I was too distracted by how adorable her accent was.. In fact, now that I think about it I didn’t even catch her name..

dachshund meets another lady dachshund

One thing that’s especially fun about Dad, is that he helps me when it comes to hunting. Mum discourages my hunting efforts, and will try to deter me from spotting squirrels and such. On the contrary, Dad always has a sharp eye out for me. If he spots something good he will actually pick me up, and creep slowly towards whatever he spotted. This is great because it gives me an elevated perspective of what’s ahead, and I also benefit from Dad’s stealth (whereas I would just run full speed doing my excited squeaks!). Then when the time is right, he launches me forward and I catapult into the chase.

Funny Dachshund Running

Although, I have to at least point out one bad thing about living with just him. For one thing, he doesn’t clean up after me as well as Mum. I get a little bit annoyed of this after having Mum take such perfect care of me. She would never let the house look like it does below. And actually, I wish I could see her face when she sees this picture. But don’t worry Mum, Dad says it will be all cleaned up by the time you get home (I’ll remind him).

A messy house with Dachshund

But overall it’s pretty good. I’m having fun at daycare, too. But you’ll learn more about that one in one of my upcoming posts. In the meantime, I will be brushing up on my French-speaking skills so I can give the cute girl a call ; ) Although, I’ll have to find a way to inconspicuously find out her name again.

Still miss you, Mum.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,