Game of Bones - Behind the Scenes!

Last week I released what was one of my biggest productions yet, and one of my personal favorites, Game of Bones! A lot went into this video, from making the... Read more

SNOWDAY - "In the Lab"!

Finally getting back to my Behind the Scenes blogs, we’re picking up where I left off! We didn’t have enough bonus content from April Fools video & Oakley’s vlog, but... Read more

HAMSTERBOX; Behind the Blindfolds!

This past Sunday I aired my first episode of Season 3, also the first video I’ve released in months! The episode is called HAMSTERBOX and is of course a play... Read more

Book Tour Part 1: Seattle & Denver

Now that I’m done my tour after over a month of traveling (but including a two week break in Florida), I am finally back, in the cold and snow. Yay.... Read more