Book Tour Part 1: Seattle & Denver

Now that I’m done my tour after over a month of traveling (but including a two week break in Florida), I am finally back, in the cold and snow. Yay.... Read more

Ep 12: Mission Impawssible

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes and the making of my FINALE episode of the season, and also my biggest production yet! This episode featured multiple custom sets, special effects, and STUNTS... Read more

Ep 10: Oakley Goes to School

Well, Oakley’s back to school episode is currently my second most-popular episode of this season! I am happy for him, but also just a “tad” worried he may steal the... Read more

Ep 9: The Legend of Ron Chestnut

Hello doggoworld, my name’s Ron Chestnut, and this is DoggoNews – the After Show! Hehe, I hope you all enjoyed my latest Anchordog episode, which featured the most guest appearances... Read more