HAMSTERBOX; Behind the Blindfolds!

This past Sunday I aired my first episode of Season 3, also the first video I’ve released in months! The episode is called HAMSTERBOX and is of course a play on the Netflix smash movie, BirdBox featuring Sandra Bullock, which is a bit of a scary thriller!

birdbox dogs funny

So, admittedly, it’s an episode where it definitely helps to have seen the movie first, otherwise you may been a bit lost. So for those who have not seen BirdBox, here’s the jist of it so you can understand the episode (warning: spoilers for anyone who still wants to watch the movie).

BirdBox is about some sort of monster or ghost thingy (you never actually see it) that wanders outdoors and whenever is seen by a human, causes them to go crazy to the point of… well, not living anymore. So the only way to prevent this is to not see the creature, hence the blindfolds. In the movie they also have a little cage of birds who panic when the monster is near, serving as their signal device. In the movie it’s a bit silly how much they can accomplish without sight, such as driving to the grocery store and back.

As well, in one of the movie’s early scenes when the monster(s) are just appearing, Sandra and her sister are driving in a car. Sandra reaches down to get her purse or something, where in that moment her sister sees the monster and henceforth crashes the car. Sandra doesn’t see it because of that fluke moment where she looked down.

So, with that bit of backstory, here is the episode for anyone who missed it!

It’s a bit of a creepy one! But as always, I like to do my episodes diversified. Next episode will be a change of pace, being Oakley’s birthday!

Anyway, you may have noticed our guest star in HAMSTERBOX, who is our golden retriever friend named Dillon, who also played multiple roles in our Oakley Goes to School episode.

dillon golden retriever

He is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. The only thing I don’t like about him is that his favorite thing is to pick up as many toys of mine as he can in his mouth and parade around the house showing off… Obviously this drives me nuts.

But, I can’t deny he’s a nice guy.

dillon golden dog

As for shooting the episode, many of you commended Oakley and I on our ability to wear the blindfolds with ease…

birdbox dog

And well, we did do very well. We’re used to the outfits and all that. But I’ll share a little secret with you. Just promise you won’t tell Oakley, okay?

My blindfold was in fact totally transparent. Oakley’s not so much…

So when Dad would reward us with a cookie, Oakley couldn’t see the treat, so he had to sniff around to try to find it. Even when there wasn’t a treat in hand, Oakley didn’t know that so his nose was working overtime to try to find out! Just watch his sniffer go!

sniffing for cookies

dog sniffing

birdbox dog cookies

But as easy as we made it look, of course it’s not always the case. We were happy to whip off the blindfolds when we felt like it.

taking off blindfolds

As do most dogs, we love ‘doing a good job’, though. And there’s no doubt that we don’t work for free. We expand our cookies, and when we’re done a scene, we’re always super excited to go have some celebratory play time!

finishing video dog

Now, of course, blindfolding your dog is not something you should do at home. What we did was very choreographed, and again, we’re super used to this sort of thing. Plus mine was transparent, and Oakley was peaking under his most of the time. But there was one time where Oakley had a little ‘goof’ because of his blindfold, which was intentional!

After Dad knocks himself off and is lying on the floor, we run out of the room to go play some video games. You can clearly see me navigate around Dad’s legs, but Oakley didn’t… lol

oakley tripping birdbox

It was only after his little blooper did he decide to remove his blindfold and carry on! Oakley is a real trooper! Always positive, happy, and eager to try something! I can always commend him for that!

Now, even though Oakley and I are natural actors and usually don’t require many takes to get a shot, Mum is NOT.. and it’s her shots that surprisingly take the longest!

crusoe mum

Oh well. She gives it her best effort! 😉

Thanks for watching all! Stay tuned for next episode for Oakley’s birthday unboxing!

Keep sniffin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,