Book Tour Part 2: People's Choice Awards

Continuing from Part 1 of my book tour, I was still in Denver, having changed plans to fly to LA for the People’s Choice Awards instead of the originally planned Austin (which was rescheduled for later).

Yet, since the PCA’s only invited us FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT, Mum and Dad didn’t have suitable clothes for such an event, so we had to go shopping!

I was super excited to be fitted for a new suit!

fitting room crusoe dachshund

That is, until I was informed that only Mum and Dad would be getting new clothes… Since I already have “so many”. Pff.

So since I had nothing to do, I took out my ball and gave them a relaxing, elevator music-style soundtrack of incessant squeaking while they went about their measuring and fitting…

crusoe fitting suit

Then it was onto LA!

Mum was a little nervous though, because we were going right at the time of all the fires. Just look how smoky it was!

california fires smoke view from plane

But by the next morning, it had cleared up enough that I could enjoy some sunshine in the grass!

crusoe dachshund los angeles

The big moment was fast approaching, though. So for the early afternoon everyone was busying about getting ready, including me.

It’s just that these stupid hotels never put mirrors down to wiener level. How can I double-check I have my bow-tie straight? Or that my collar isn’t crooked? Or that I haven’t forgot to put on pants?? I can’t even tell!

crusoe dachshund in mirror

Anyway, we got ready and car service picked us up from our hotel.

We headed to an airport hangar where they took us around back, with several lines of security. Finally we pulled in around back to the VIP entrance.

They even assigned me a personal security entourage.

12.6. My security entourage

(They were really happy someone wanted to take a picture with them 🙂

It was a bit of a long wait while we awaited our turn to make our grand entrance to the crowd and walk the red carpet, that I couldn’t help but nod off..

crusoe sleeping people choice awards

Finally it was my turn up, and I quickly snapped out of a whatever mild slumber I had dozed off into as the crowd roared!

And it was only as I posed on the red carpet, with Dad holding me out for the cameras, did I realize that YES I DID FORGET TO WEAR PANTS!

2.1.2. At the People's Choice Awards

As Oakley would say, “shoot!

Thanks for making it so obvious, Dad…

Anyway, it was still fun to pose on what was my first, real, celebrity “red carpet”.

On the red carpet!

In fact, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures with them, but Jimmy Fallon and Victoria Beckham walked right by me, so close I could have given them a high five if they were only 5′ shorter!

It was at that time I had to rush over for an interview. At this point, all of you – the fans, still did not officially know I was here! In fact, I wasn’t even allowed to tell people I was attending the show, which was a bit of a bummer, but oh well.

Anyone who was watching, thus had a grand surprise when suddenly there was Dad and I on the pre-show interview, where they presented me with my award for Animal Star of 2018! Wow!!!

But I gotta level with you, fans. I had actually known I had won almost a month earlier! But it was strictly confidential, despite me making several attempts to leak it to the press via my lawyer.

That being said, they had always told me there wouldn’t be an opportunity for me to come to the show… until just 4 days prior where they subsequently changed their minds and invited us! *Sigh*. A little more heads up would have been nice for us (and for all the fans who made plans to attend our book signing), but alas, that’s how Hollywood works I guess. Come to think of it, also how most girlfriends work.

Unlike the “big time” celebrities who get to go up on stage and receive their award, mine would be mailed to me later. Which, is fine. Honestly, I’m just so appreciative it did turn out that we got to attend the show, that I WON, and that I was even nominated for such a prestigious achievement, now the pinnacle of my career.

When we finally got it, Dad set me up a little red carpet again and had me pose in the same suit I wore to the show.

crusoe winner animal star people's choice awards

And of course, as much as my acting is beyond belief, my handsomeness unequivocated, my charm bewildering, and my charisma so sharp it could cut a cake… it was my fans who ultimately made it happen.

I’ve said it already, but I have the best fans out there. I wasn’t the “biggest name” in the nominations by a long shot. But one thing I did have over the others – the most amazing, dedicated, passionate fans. Me winning this award is testament to that!

And to say thank you, and by popular request (I didn’t want to do it at first, but was convinced), I’ve created this t-shirt! My goal is not to make money off this, but just to say thank you. So 100% of proceeds will be going to my local SPCA since I am their partner again this year for their National Cupcake Day campaign.

crusoe pca tshirt

Available in v-necks, hoodies, tanks, and in various colors

Thank you all for your amazing support and following along my adventures.

Keep posin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,