SNOWDAY - "In the Lab"!

Finally getting back to my Behind the Scenes blogs, we’re picking up where I left off! We didn’t have enough bonus content from April Fools video & Oakley’s vlog, but we do for Snowday! Including more of Oakley the chemist in the lab and how we did it!

But first, watch the episode!

The first part to note about this episode, was that it was filmed on the biggest snowfall we had this winter! Which was also a real snowday for the schools. In fact, Dad woke up one morning to see the front porch totally full of untouched snow, and thus sparked the idea for a snow day episode.

The amount of snow against the door and on the porch was all REAL! Oakley and I couldn’t believe it when Mum first opened the door.

dachshunds in the snow

Heck, even when Dad walked around out front to be able to film us, it was waist deep.

waist deep snow

And speaking of when Mum opened the door, this really put her acting skills to the test! But hey, at least she can laugh at herself!

Mums acting

Actually, Dad had to shovel the entranceway a bit first just so we could even come down the steps. But before that, they filmed a little shot of us at the top of the steps looking down – obviously not expecting us to leap into such deep snow – but… as you know, Oakley is a special case.

He decided to dive into the snow. Our shot was a little overexposed so we didn’t use it, but he had to be subsequently rescued after this!

cute dachshund jump in snow

In other words, the snow was more than a whole wiener deep! Even though we’re pretty used to snow, our short legs are quite limiting in deep snow. And too much “hopping” through the snow is strenuous and can injure your back!

dachshun through the snow

Mum and Dad have also noticed that as I get older, I’m getting a little less tolerant of cold weather and snow (I say a little because I still don’t mind it and still love playing snowballs). So, maybe they’re right. Or maybe it’s just because I’m spending more and more time in Florida it seems 😉

Backtracking a little, one of the shots that takes the longest to get is seemingly the simplest, which is when we’re sleeping in bed and wake up! The humans have to wait around and lull us to sleep… Dad has to give me gentle belly caresses and sing me “soft kitty” so I can sleep…

cute dachshund sleeping

But what was maybe the most acclaimed part of the whole show was Oakley’s morning pajamas – eggs, toast, and of course, bacon!

cute dachshund pajamas

Oakley does love his bacon… Heck, it’s even his favorite color! (Reference to my Camping Episode if you haven’t seen that one yet!)

You might be wondering why I get to sleep in the king size bed while Oakley sleeps in the crate?! Well, if it makes you feel any better, Mum and Dad only have a cold hardwood floor, so… Compared to them, Oakley is quite comfortable, I’m sure.

Fast forward to our hot cocoa scene, which of course was not actually cocoa but a bit of warm milk, which I love! (Mum thinks I was a pussy cat in a previous life sometimes).

Like typical dogs, we’re always trying to see what the other one has!

dogs like warm milk

Hey, I think Oakley got more than me!!

Thus after I hatched my brilliant plan and told Oakley all about it, who subsequently volunteered to make the rocket fuel in the chemistry lab, it was time for what is for sure our favorite part of the video, Oakley the Chemist!

Although I’m not sure tasting your chemical solutions is proper chemistry lab safety protocol.

funny chemistry lab safety

That’s one way to do a pH test…

Oakley can be a little clumsy, as we all know, so didn’t take much to startle him when I came trotting in the room, where he almost spilled highly explosive rocket fuel!

cute dog chemistry scientist

We even edited this new video not seen in the episode! Check it out below, less than a minute long.

And even if he didn’t make enough rocket fuel for our purposes, he was heckin’ cute doing it! You can be sure his pic as a chemist will be in one of next year’s calendars!

I also have to thank my fans Tracy Wagner & Debbie Rademacher Detweiler who suggested we make the below t-shirt design with the tagline, “Science is for Wieners” Haha love it!! So I had to create it right away, with the letters spelled out in periodic table elements of course! it’s the fans always have the best ideas, right!

You can get the shirt here, and this design is also now available as a coffee mug, sticker, and even cell phone case.

So as always, thanks for watching! My next episode is one I’m excited about! You’ve probably heard of another show that is starting this same Sunday April 14th… 😉

Did you guess??

If not, here’s another hint!

game of bones episode

And if you still don’t know… Well, you’ll find out soon enough.

Keep shovelin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,