Jamaican Wiener Dog Bobsled Team!

Last week I released my bobsled episode about the Jamaican Wiener Dog Bobsled Team! Of course, based on the old classic movie of ‘Cool Runnings’! Except ours is ‘Cool Wieners’!

There was a lot of work that went into this one, from the bobsled track we built in the backyard, to the bobsled itself made completely of cardboard, paper-mache, and an old sled for the base.

bobsled dogs

But before I show you how we did it all, including a another bloopers and behind-the-scenes video below, watch the final episode to compare to!

So firstly, were these adorable little speedsuit outfits and helmets! In fact, are made by a company called Shed Defender and are meant to stop dog hair from getting all over people’s homes.. But anyway, they also make great racing suits!

They do look a little silly though, and not sure what it is about them, but we walk and run very funny in them! Here was Oakley trying his on for the first time! lol

funny dog in shed defender

Hoppity hoppity hoppity…

You probably even noticed in our running sequence that our back ends were bouncing up really high!

dogs walking funny in snow suit boots

The bobsled track took at least a day to make by itself, which we had to make on a day where the snow was wet enough (below 0 degrees celsius) to pack together, wherein it then froze the next day to be nice and hard (and slippery!)

Here’s Oakley exploring it for the first time!

homemade bobsled track

Although it was slippery, us dogs managed okay on it. Dad on the hand, had a nice wipeout, which you can see in this blooper video!

So, lots of work like usual, but it made for a pretty awesome race! And the moral of the story…?

wiener dog bobsledders

Yes, wiener dogs CAN be bobsledders! And our disqualification was ultimately overturned due to new legal regulations in Canada! 😉

If you enjoyed our episode and bobsled costume, check out the ‘Cool Wieners‘ t-shirt below!

Get yours here.

Thanks for watching!

Keep sleddin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,