Game of Bones - Behind the Scenes!

Last week I released what was one of my biggest productions yet, and one of my personal favorites, Game of Bones! A lot went into this video, from making the cool intro sequence to the costumes to constructing a wall of snow, sword fight scenes and dragons, voice impressionists, and more!

Game of Thrones is a notoriously expensive show to produce for HBO with each episode of this final season expected to cost a whopping $15 million to make! Mine wasn’t quite that much, but was still one of my biggest episode investments yet.

So before we dive into all the behind the scenes, let’s watch the episode!

One of the first pieces in preparing for this episode was making the knight’s outfit, and helmet, which was made of paper-mache constructed around a rubber ball about the size of Oakley’s head! Here’s him trying it for the first time.

He wasn’t so sure about being the knight at first…

oakley the dachshund knight dog costume

But when I explained to him that The Hound is one of the most-liked characters on Game of Thrones, he got more into the role! 😉

In fact, wasn’t long before he was donning his new armor with ease. We even set him up on his own stallion for the horsey scene!

game of bones episode

Unfortunately his stallion was more of a miniature pony, though, and Oakley could barely keep from slipping off.

The Hound Game of Thrones costume

I guess it was the only horse he could afford with his rather small knight’s pension… In fact, I believe it wasn’t even a real horse.

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Yet despite the shortcomings of his steed, Oakley’s ‘Hound’ costume was probably the best of the episode!

the hound game of thrones best costume

The above picture was taken in the “bouncey castle” which the King decided to purchase by selling off his army. This was in fact a kids play zone that we visited that happened to be castle-themed, and worked perfectly for this shoot!!

bouncey castle

I usually volunteer for roles of the highest authority, so playing the King was a simple decision, that is, until I realized my character name was to be Ned Shart. Eesh.

In the show, his name is Ned Stark.

game of bones dachshunds are coming

This castle scene is where Oakley made his grand entrance!

And how appropriate is it that the name of the song he walks to is called ‘The Bumbling Knight’..!

The Hound Ned Stark Bone Throne

As for the giant wall of ice, which in the show is meant to keep out the White Walkers, while in our version, is meant to keep out those dang Canucks, was just a little wall of snow. But you can see how with some interesting editing, couple green screens, and perspective, we can make it look huge!

Game of Thrones dog version pug

Here’s a couple more before-and-after special effects!

before and after special effects game of thrones

Pretty neat, huh?!

This episode also saw the return of the fan-favorite, Paisley! Sometimes she’s my girlfriend… sometimes my nemesis, and in this case, she was the Mother of Dragonwieners!

crusoe and paisley

Here we are hanging out together backstage before her scene. As always, she’s got her pearls on!

Where we were sitting would soon become her throne! In fact, the whole living room became the throne room..

throne room game of thrones

Anyone recognize those brick-painted walls?!

(Can’t remember? They were from this episode).

This is where Paisley gave her famous speech playing off that of the true Daenerys Targarian from the show. Firstly as a comparison, this is Daenerys’ full title in the show:

“Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chainsand Mother of Dragons.”

While Paisley’s was:

“I am Daenerys Tarwienergan, First of my Litter, the Unflaccid, Destroyer of Squeakers, Breaker of Leaches, Queen of the Mutts, and Mother of Dragonwieners!”

Danaerys Targarian speech titles

While I only played two roles in this episode, being Jon Snow and The King, Oakley on the other hand played three!

He was The Hound, The White Wiener, and Dragonwiener, who goes by the name ‘Droakley’. (In the show, one of the dragon’s names is Drogon).

white walker dog game of thrones

He is in fact a black wiener playing a white wiener. That’s a progressive society, folks. Nothing controversial with that.

And of course, he made a super cute dragon, even though he worked so hard on his acting to come off as fearsome and intimidating.

dog drogon dragon costume cute

Although I’ll admit, the final scene where Droakley comes swooping in in slow motion DID get my blood pumping a little!

Take that White Wiener! (Of course, Oakley played both these characters so this was a composite shot!)

Droakley Drogon the Dragon Game of Thrones Dog Costume

Recognize the dragon gate? It’s from this episode! 😉

It seems Oakley’s been getting the good roles lately.. always savin’ the day!

Thank you all so much for watching and supporting what we do! As many of you observed, making these videos takes time!

Stay tuned for my next episode on Sunday!

Keep ridin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,