My Christmas List

Christmas is getting closer, and for most people it is currently shopping time, so I figured this post would be good timing. This will also be good practice for the... Read more

Why I Should Run for President

A fan of mine recently commented on my blog, suggesting I run for President. I hadn’t really considered that prior to the suggestion, but now that I do think about... Read more

Betrayed by My Own Dad...

I thought I would tell this story from the past summer, because I feel my fans deserve to know about it. Just writing about this stirs me up again. It... Read more

Being a Miniature Dachshund

Being a miniature dachshund, let alone a regular dachshund, means that I am quite a small dog. I stand no more than 13″ tall and 22″ long from the base... Read more

An Educated Dachshund

I pride myself on being an educated – as well as a celebrity dachshund. There’s a common misconception that celebrities are all looks and no brains. Well, not I. I... Read more