A Winter Wienerland

This past weekend I went up to my seasonal vacation home in Quebec. Sometimes I just need to get away from the city and get back into the woods. It’s... Read more

My Christmas List

Christmas is getting closer, and for most people it is currently shopping time, so I figured this post would be good timing. This will also be good practice for the... Read more

Why I Should Run for President

A fan of mine recently commented on my blog, suggesting I run for President. I hadn’t really considered that prior to the suggestion, but now that I do think about... Read more

Betrayed by My Own Dad...

I thought I would tell this story from the past summer, because I feel my fans deserve to know about it. Just writing about this stirs me up again. It... Read more

Being a Miniature Dachshund

Being a miniature dachshund, let alone a regular dachshund, means that I am quite a small dog. I stand no more than 13″ tall and 22″ long from the base... Read more