Holidays with the Family

The holidays are a time for family. I have the pleasure of visiting both my Mum and Dad’s sides of the family, which is always exciting – and interesting.

For Christmas this year, we first went to Quebec to visit my Mum’s side. My childhood mentor/mother-figure, Laffie, lives there, too. So naturally, I am always delighted to visit her. She is a load of fun and to this day is one of the few dogs I can totally let loose around. I have a hard time being myself around other people and dogs sometimes, since I can never tell if they’re just trying to mooch on my fame or not. I guess that’s one of the downsides of being a celebrity – it makes it harder to trust just anyone (not to mention wired-hairs).

Laffie is a bit older – about 12 years old, but she can still play well. She’s the one who taught me my survival and hunting skills. But along with all the good comes a couple bad habits that she passed on, such as scratching at the door when I want to go outside. Oh well, my rock-solid outdoordog skills more than make up for that.

That’s me and my darling, Laffie.

Dachshund friends

The below picture is me practicing my close-combat attack skills on a big snowball. Laffie taught me that. Notice my hind legs in a wide stance for better balance and more power, and my full weight towards the target. They don’t teach you that stuff in books.

Dachshund Attacks Snowball

Then there’s my uncle Jack. He always has a treat in his pocket, and will give it to me anytime I ask – and he never seems to run out. He’s the best, but I couldn’t live with him permanently or I would become a sumo-dachshund.

There’s also my Mum’s aunt – and whoa, is she something! She talks very loud and is very insisting when she wants to pick me up. Then when she does, she cradles me like I’m a newborn infant. I like to be cuddled, yes, but I’m not a baby! So I try to stay away from her most of the time.

I haven’t had much experience with children, but at the holidays I usually see a little boy named Liam (sounds like a dog’s name, I know). I always find myself deeply intrigued in these mini-humans. It’s as if I know he is young, and in being so – playful. I follow him around and sometimes even tug at his socks. He is very interesting, but at the same time I am wary of him. Being a child, he is more unpredictable than an adult human. For one thing, I don’t necessarily like people who suddenly sprint towards me with their hands outstretched to try to catch me – which he occasionally does. So, I take on the regular defensive tactic for this – always stay facing him so you can watch his every movement (no surprises from behind).

But I have to say, they’re all pretty good. Family is about character, isn’t it?

After we do a little visit to Mum’s side, it’s off to Dad’s side of the family. They are the ones who have my half-brother, Oakley. So once again, it’s always fun to go see him. I haven’t seen him in a little while, but have heard he’s up to his usual mischief. His signature prank is to grab the end of the toilet paper roll and RUN.

Below is us seeing each other for the first time in months, just landed at the Toronto airport.

Dachshunds at the Airport

My Dad’s mom is a bit cuckoo. She has fortified her house to make it 100% dachshund safe. Which I guess is a good thing, but for someone like me who likes to live on the edge, it’s a bit restrictive. She has boarded up all the railings and all the open-step stairs. I feel like I’m in a prison at her place. And then if my Mum and Dad ever leave for a bit, leaving me in her care, it’s like being on house arrest. I can’t even go out for a pee without her keeping a hawk eye over me.

I can’t even imagine Oakley’s life…

That’s a picture of us out and about together. Two brothers, reunited.

two twin dachshunds

We would normally have much more snow for Christmas, but something seems to be wrong with our climate. I think the weatherman got his dials mixed up or something. I should give him a call. My celebrity status does hold some influence.

After a nice long walk expedition, it’s nice to come in to a warm fire.

wieners by the fire

Of course there’s the whole presents thing, too, but this post is about family. Family comes first, after all.

But as much as I love them, it’s nice to have my quiet time at home, too. Yet being a celebrity entails certain duties. I have to make appearances when necessary – it’s part of the job.

Dachshund Sweater

More holiday posts coming soon, don’t you worry!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,