A Winter Wienerland

This past weekend I went up to my seasonal vacation home in Quebec. Sometimes I just need to get away from the city and get back into the woods. It’s a lot colder and snowier here than the city, so that part is a bit of shock when I first arrive, but I get used to it quickly. You all know that I love snowballs.. but this time the snow wasn’t packing-snow, so to my disappointment, no snowballs this time.

There may be a lot more snow here than where I’m from, but compared to what they’re used to here, it’s barely anything. It’s been warmer than usual here – which seems to be the case everywhere nowadays. That’s one thing I also want to address in my Presidinster campaign – climate change. I think we should all revert to dogsled/dog-cart transportation. Those poor Husky dogs are out of work.

Anyway, I’m getting off track here (no pun intended). What this is really about is winter and all the fun it can bring. As long as I have a cozy winter coat, I’m comfortable – until the end of the walk expedition that is. If the snow is deep (like it usually is), it starts to pack itself in the underside of my jacket. By the end of the expedition I have little ice cubes sitting against my armpits. You can imagine how that might not be very comfortable.

Dachshunds in Snow

Dachshund in Snow

I think I actually get more exercise in the winter than the summer. Just because it’s so much hopping up and down. The same way it’s more effort for you people to walk through the snow, imagine our little legs. Remember, my chest is only about 2.5″ from the ground!

Really Cute Dachshund in the Snow

But the good thing about being a dachshund in the winter, is that I only weigh a mere 11 pounds, and so can easily stay ‘afloat’ on the snow without falling through like people or bigger dogs. Yet, there have been times where after a fresh snowfall, I just can’t make it through. My mum and dad lead the way (usually with snowshoes) and all I can do is stay at the rear and hop from footstep to footstep. This is very frustrating as I should never be at the back of the pack. It’s my job to lead! And the worst part is their feet kick up snow all over me. It’s quite insulting actually. If you look at the below picture, that’s the idea – but far from the worst I’ve had to deal with.

Dachshund Following in Snow Footsteps

The other good thing about the snow is I can find the intruders to my territory much more easily. I can clearly see the rabbit tracks (and the tasty chocolate smarties they leave behind), and all the others. I love following their trail in the snow.

One of my favorite parts of the winter is coming home to a nice cozy fire after one of my long, snowy expeditions.

Cute Dachshund Sleeping by Fire

Once I get beside the warmth, it doesn’t take long to fall asleep…

A Cute Dachshund by the Fire Place And so as a farewell, I say to the weather:

Keep snowin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,