Tough Love Swimming Lessons

In my last post you saw how gentle my mum was with teaching Oakley how to swim. With me it was a different story. She says that if I want... Read more

Oakley Learns to Swim!

So this post isn’t really about me; it’s about my brother, Oakley. The picture below is so funny I just had to share it. Oakley is a sensitive pup so... Read more

Just Diggin' to China...

I didn’t understand why my mum was so surprised when I told her I was digging to China. Someone on Twitter (follow me) told me that if I dig deep... Read more

I Have a Twin-(half)-Brother!

So here’s the big news I said I had in my previous post. As you can see from the title, I have a twin-brother! His name is Oakley, and he’s... Read more

Dachshund King on Pride Rock

I thought I would just share this poster picture taken of me this past weekend. I’ve always been a fan of the Lion King, and when I saw this rock... Read more