Oxford County Part 1: Wienerfest & WWII Planes

Wienerfest has come and passed, and it was nothing short of a blast. But my adventures in the area of Oxford County were not limited to just this annual wiener dog event. I teamed up with Tourism Oxford to help me get out to explore the best of the area while I spent a few day there – because you know, I haven’t had enough vacations lately 😉

But before we get there, let’s recap on the Wienerfest event that took place in Embro, Ontario – Canada’s largest breed specific event with this year’s numbers topping around 8,000 people!

So, the part you’re probably most interested in are the new costumes Oakley and I showcased there….

Introducing the Wiener Minions, or if you prefer; Winions!

Dog Minions Costume

And yes, I already know what you’re thinking –

– minions video to come! 😉

Dachshund Minions Costume

It was a long day, but lots of fun. I had a booth set up with a little photo station area to take some pics with the fans in our costumes. The folks at Inspired By Life Portraits were kind enough to take all the photos that day.

We took some pics in our most iconic costumes, like the fire truck and police car as seen in some of our more popular videos…


And some in our instantly popular minion winion costumes as well!


You can see all the photos in my Facebook album here, as well as an interview about the event here (featuring Dad, me, and Oakley).

We weren’t the only ones in costume though. The costume contest yeilded some awesomely fun and creative ideas, like this Scuba Doxie and Princess Leia!

Princess Leia & Scuba Dog Costumes

And here’s a couple fans who were technically not “in costume”, but definitely looking cool in their Doggles.

Doggles for Dachshunds

In the afternoon when it got hot, they also handed out some delicious, cool and yummy yogurt for dogs.

This little guy really seemed to enjoy it!

Dog Frozen Yogurt

Oakley and I also! Thanks for sharing Dad!

Dachshunds Enjoy Yogurt

Oh, and I also made it to the finals in the races, but didn’t win the last one. But hey, I was tired and preoccupied with taking care of the fans all day, so with racing only being a small thought in the back of my mind, I thought I did alright 😉

Here’s me “flying” across the field at such speed that even the best photographer would have trouble not getting me as a blur.

Crusoe Running Wienerfest

I also have to give a special ‘thank you’ to our amazing fan, Diann Chitwood, who came all the way from Alabama to volunteer her time to help us out around the booth that day. Oakley also took quite the liking to her!

Crusoe Dachshund Cru's Crew

He’s a sucker for them southern kisses 😉

Then, back at my lovely hotel suite that night at the exceptionally dog-friendly Quality Hotel & Suites (truly, I recommend them if you have a furry friend with you), I found my second wind in the anticipation of the after party.

Here I am waiting for the chicks to show up with my bottle of Dachshund Rosé.

Wienerfest Embro Ontario

I don’t know why Mum only grabbed two glasses though… I told her I’d need AT LEAST two dozen.

The next day, I had a busy schedule lined up to explore as much of the beautiful Oxford County as I could. As I mentioned, I teamed up with the local tourism bureau to help me find and get into all the best places. So let’s get started!

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association

Crusoe Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association

Yes, it’s as cool as it looks.

Top Gun Dachshund

And yes, I’m EVEN cooler than I look.

These bright yellow planes located at the Tillsonburg Airport, Ontario were used as training planes during World War II, helping beginner pilots from all over the US and Canada get their “wings” to go over to the war effort in Europe.

The Harvards, as they’re called, are now used in acrobatic shows and can also be taken up on tours.

Dog Pilot

Although I am more than qualified to fly this thing, I was recommended not to for two reasons: 1) with no air conditioning it gets very hot up there for a little pup, and 2) these things are known for their “roar”.

I snickered at their reasoning; my response being that I’ve easily withstood the sizzling heat of Miami beach before and even out-roared a lion.

However, I concluded that I wouldn’t go up for a flight that day for the pure reason that the seats are “so from like 50 years ago” and are not sufficiently comfortable for my celebrité derrière (learned that in France 😉 ).

That didn’t stop me from posing for a few awesome shots though!

Pilot Dog Costume

As Stuart Vunderhund from Facebook said,

…talk to me Goose…

Crusoe Dachshund Flies Plane

So what do you think, ready to hop in?

But then again, perhaps it’s best if I’m not your pilot. Because with my impeccable cuteness, I don’t see how any reasonable person could concentrate on anything besides my handsome Tom Cruise-esque appearance.

Cute Dachshund Pilot

Heck, might as well call me Tom Cruisoe.

Harvards Planes Tillsonborg

I can only imagine what a thrill it must be to fly one of these things! Thanks to the kind folks at The Harvards for taking out their planes just for me and helping with this shoot!

BTW, if YOU DO want to see me fly a plane, then YOU CAN see that in my NEW BOOK 😉

Well, that about takes up all the time for today’s episode, but there’s more to come in Exploring Oxford County Part 2, like helping out with some chores around the farm, visiting a cheese museum, and of course, an official cheese tasting!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Cute Dog Driving John Deer Tractor

So stay tuned!

Thanks again for all the amazing members of “Cru’s Crew” who came out to see us at this year’s Wienerfest.

Keep flyin’,

~ Tom Cruisoe

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Keep ballin’,