Winter Snow Bros [30 Pics]

My brother Oakley has come and gone already. My time with him is always short, but always exciting. Of course, this holiday break was no exception, as we enjoyed plenty of winter fun together!

dogs running through snow

But let’s back up a bit first.

Oakley arrived at my chalet just in time for New Years. Our tradition is to enjoy a nice raclette dinner as the family, Oakley and I included. Here’s me on the left being quirky for my photo and Oakley trying to squeeze in for the shot!

New Years Wiener Dogs

That was a good night, as far as I can remember…

One of our favorite activities to do together is to partake on intrepid expeditions through the wintry wilderness. However, for the first few days it was so cold we could barely stand outside for 5 minutes to go potty. I’m talking -31C/-26F.

Heck, it was so cold that even inside I had to stay bundled up!

Cute Sleeping Dachshund

In fact, for the two weeks we were together, the weather was up and down from super cold to really warm, meaning a lot of freezing and unfreezing.

So, for the first part we spent our time snuggling inside and reading stories together about my grand adventures…

cute dachshunds snuggling for story time

…with the anticipation of reliving some as soon as the cold weather abated!

However, the cold front didn’t disappear the next day, and so we had to continue to entertain ourselves indoors. I think you can guess what’s coming…

Na na na na na na na – BATDOG & Robin!

Cutest BATDOG & Robin Costumes

Some people say we’re the cutest superheroes ever. I’ll accept that compliment, but just so you know we’re going for more of a ‘frightening, formidable, and intimidating’-type of image.

And so with nothing else to do, we decided BATDOG & Robin might as well work on some drills so that when there’s a real call one day, we’ll be prepared for anything.

So we dressed Oakley’s dad up as a burglar and kicked him outside. We told him to wait there for a few hours, and then to sneakily make his way back inside to pretend to steal something once we had fallen asleep for a nap – thus to test our intruder detection instincts.

Here’s how the practice went down.

We were so caught up in the moment that we rushed right in there in full attack mode – as if he wasn’t so much a burglar as a hamburglar!

So perhaps we took it a bit too seriously, but with over 3 million views and 100,000 shares, I guess people were pretty impressed with our performance.

After all, we’re in this gig for the fame and glory. At least I am. Oakley on the other hand is generally motivated by brotherly admiration and shiny squeaky things.

BATDOG & Robin

After posting that video, one fan commented that she now wants to be a burglar!

I appreciate why someone may wish that – to be smothered in cute little superwieners – but that’s not exactly what we were going for. This demonstration was meant to DETER burglars!

So on behalf of Mum, Dad, and myself, PLEASE DO NOT break into my home with the prospects of being adorably smothered by BATDOG. Because I’ll bite your face off.

Anyway, by this time the weather outside had finally warmed up just slightly enough that we could embark on a little expedition.

However, it was still very cold according to wiener dog standards, so we had to be extra-bundled up.


That’s me with the hat and scarf.

(Because I can’t risk frostbite to any of my beautiful facial features).

Dachshund Coat, Hat and Scarf

Our expedition was in for some treacherous conditions though with the recent weather. Because of all the unfreezing and freezing, there was ice everywhere!

Here I am standing atop a large ice flow, planning my course across.

Ice Dog

It was heck-a-slippery, but we made it!

Ice Flow Dogs

In fact, when I’m on an expedition, there’s very little that will deter my intrepid, adventurous spirit.

Canadian Dachshund

But once the weather began to warm up even more, it meant Oakley and I were even more excited to go outdoors and have some fun – because this time we wouldn’t freeze our buns off!

Yet despite Oakley’s happy anticipation to going outside, he’s not a big fan of putting on his coat (which by the way is made by Noodle and Friends! – the online store of coats, harnesses and accessories made just for dachshunds).

As soon as his mom puts his coat on, he becomes frozen stiff in this bow-legged position…

Dachshund Winter Coat

It’s not until someone gives him a little *boop* on the behind does he snap out of it.

We then race to the door, impatiently waiting for someone to unleash us to the wilderness!

Wiener Dogs Waiting by Door

But once the door opens and we get a whiff of that chilly air, we then BOTH need a *boop* on the bum to get us out the door.

Once outside though, we’re just a couple happy dogs in the snow!

Doxie Bums

When running through deep powder, Mum and Dad quickly observed that Oakley utilizes a ‘frog hop’ to effectively prevent his back legs from dragging through the snow!

Frog Hop Through the Snow

Well done Oakley, great ingenuity!

(Oakley naturally has a very wide stance in the back; almost cowboyish).


I love winter just as much as summer (when the conditions are right).

When else can you enjoy a feeling such as that of racing through a white fluffy cloud?!

Running through the snow

Here’s a quick slow-mo of me “daching through the snow”!

By the way, this video was posted to commemorate my recent title of ‘Active Lifestyle Ambassador’ for Animal Wellness Magazine! (P.S. if you purchase a subscription and use code CRUSOE, 40% goes to my local dachshund rescue).

Continuing, snow is also great for finding and following rabbit tracks.


Plus you might even find the little chocolate M&Ms they leave along their path sometimes. Now that I think of it, I must be chasing the Easter bunny…

Below is my hunter’s stance.

I mainly do this just for the camera, but occasionally there really is a rabbit I’m signaling about.

Snow Dachshund

And hey, I don’t know about you but I think I look incredibly handsome with a light dusting of snow crystals on my black fur. Kind of like icing on the cake that is my hunk-a-burnin’ self.

Dachshund in the Snow

Oakley and I also like to compete against each other in snow races.

(He still likes to think he has a chance of beating me).

Crusoe and Oakley Running Through the Snow

But after all, I am a champion racer.

Wiener Dog Races

I have to give kudos to Oakley though, for he never gives up and always gives 110%!

Wiener Dog Winter Races

Just look at the determination in that eye behind me!

After some warm-up races, it comes time for a game of ‘squeaky ball in the snow‘! To play, Dad lobs the squeaky ball into the snow, wherein Oakley and I race to be the first one there to dig it up and find it.

So once the ball is thrown, we both go bounding after it like a couple race horses out the gate!

Dachshunds Running through the Snow

While I’m usually the first one there to dig up the ball, Oakley’s tactic is to let me find it – but then try to steal it right out of my mouth!

Just watch the play-by-play of me finding the ball and then Oakley going for the snag.

Dachshunds Chasing Ball

I may be faster than Oakley, but he’s got more body mass than me – plus he’s a bit rough – so once in a while he manages to wrangle the ball from my mouth and make off with it.

Which he is utterly thrilled about.

Oakley Dachshund

But it also means I’m left standing there like a doofus with a face-full of snow and no squeaky ball.

Snow Covered Dog

I complained to Mum that this was unfair and not in the spirit of the sport.

Crusoe in the Snow

She told that with everything I have going for me, I should let Oakley win some too… He’s my little brother and really looks up to me, so supposedly I need to learn to ‘put up’ with his pesky – albeit well-intentioned, habits a bit more.

Wiener Dogs in the Snow

That wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but I understand.

However, at a point I would kinda like my own personal space for nap time at least…

Cute Dachshunds Cuddling

Ah well, Oakley’s only here for a while so might as well snuggle up!

Hope you enjoyed our winter fun!

Keep burglarin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,