Phew, a new blog post is finally here. Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long!

Well, I just wrapped up my annual summer getaway at my chalet with my brother Oakley. Since he lives so far away, this time together is always something we really look forward to. It’s our only real chance to hang out and do a lot of exploring together.

And yet, all it takes is a little rain to dampen all our grand ambitions for adventure.

For the first good part of our time together there, it rained. It rained a lot. And you know you’re really bored when you start working on a puzzle.

Dachshunds Doing a Puzzle

Heck, I couldn’t even blame Oakley for constantly dozing off and lying across the puzzle board.

Dachshund Puzzle

But things got a bit more exciting when Oakley and I realized something…

“Hey, that’s us on the puzzle!”

Crusoe Oakley Puzzle

That gave us the spur we needed to finish it! Obviously so I could have Dad frame and mount it on the wall next to all my other accomplishments, like the dead squirrel I hunted last week that Dad says he is having stuffed (although I think I better check in to the status of that one).

It was a frenzy between Oakley and I to find the right pieces!

I just can’t figure out where all these STUPID BLUE ONES go!!

We finally got it done though. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect, for it was right when we set the completed puzzle safely aside that a giant white unicorn came pouncing through our house.

It was my ‘Cousin Cooper’, who was coming to visit for just a couple days!

Cooper Crusoe Oakley

He’s not literally related to me though, neither is he actually a unicorn, as you can probably tell. Cooper is a ‘labradoodle‘ as Mum keeps telling me. Although, I still just can’t seem to remember that word. I still find myself calling him an ‘abrakabooble’.

So I’ve simplified it. Instead of trying to explain to people that Cooper is a Labradoodle, I’m just going to say his name is ‘Cooperdoodle’.

I am fascinated with his peculiar look though. As you can tell, he’s quite different than me.

Crusoe and Cooper

For one thing, he looks like a teddy bear – the type Oakley would usually rip to shreds.

He also has a mustache, which always seem to be wet, too. I’m not sure I’d like having a wet mustache all the time. And with so much fluff around his eyes, I can’t help but wonder what sort of peripheral vision he has. Perhaps that’s why he always looks so surprised…

Anyway, Cooperdoodle comes from the city. I live in the city, too, but I’m a born & raised country huntin’ dog. Oakley, too. So we decided to take Cooperdoodle out for a walk in “our neck of the woods” to show him how we do it around here.

So away we went, Oakley and I racing through the brush as fast and agile as the speeder bikes of Star Wars on the forest moon of Endor.

Dachshund Running Through the Woods

Cooper wanted to come and run with us as you can see by his excited smile, but he had to stay on a leash.

But then again, it might be hard to run like a speeder bike with such limited peripherals. One of those trees could come out of nowhere!

Cooper Labradoodle

My brother Oakley was really loving the fact that he finally had someone trying to keep up with him, as opposed to only him trying to keep up with me.

I guess he got a bit ahead of himself when he ran up to the water’s edge a bit too bravely. The water level was higher than usual and the footing unstable.


Oakley Dachshund Falls in

Luckily I was right behind him to witness that!

And for once Dad was actually doing his job and caught it on camera. Seems like every time this sort of thing happens he misses the shot.

Oakley had to be fished out by his mom.

Dachshund in Water

So much for impressing our guest.

Oakley didn’t really seem phased by it though. After all, the guy likes the water as much as an otter!

Dachshunds on a Walk

And seemingly a wet mustache as much as a doodle!

Meanwhile I upheld my steadfast image of a cool and composed master of the wood by fishing out large sticks and bringing them back to Dad…

Dachshund Carrying Stick

Soon enough Cooperdoodle had joined us and we were all having fun by the water. One quality I could definitely appreciate in Cooper is his ability to pose well for photos. He sits and he stays, and he won’t move until someone says “OK”.

Dachshunds and Labradoodle

As we drove back from the walk, I was glad we took a separate car than Cooper, because I didn’t want him to see just how tired I actually was.

I mean, I wasn’t tired, but as a celebrity you learn to never pass up a quick beauty nap.

Cute Dachshund Sleeping

Back at the house, I was curious to see just how good of a poser Cooper really was. I mean, he seemed good from the photos on our walk, but I wasn’t sure if he was me-level good.

So I had him try on a few of my prop hats just to see.


I was impressed! Perhaps he does have the making of a celebrity. The top left hat seemed to suit him best!

However, I still just couldn’t get over the thought of what it must be like to be an abrakabooble, and at a point, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to know.

So being the craft one around here, I made a disguise (kinda like when I disguised myself as a wire-haired dachshund).

Labradoodle and Wienerdoodle

“It’s like looking in a mirror!”

Even Cooper seemed surprised – but I wasn’t sure if that was because I looked so much like him, or if he just didn’t see me coming.

I was still missing something though… the height!

Labradoodles and Wienerdoodles

That’s better!

And to ensure I was as doodlish as can be, I stood next to Cooper in view from the road, so that passersby could easily observe us. We got zero reaction from the two cars that drove past us, so that must have meant they assumed us to be just a regular pair of labradoodles, doing whatever labradoodles do. Although arguably perhaps I’m more of a wienerdoodle than a labradoodle.

So what does it feel like to be a doodle, you ask?

Well, I felt wayyy too cuddly for my liking. (Mum will attest that I’m not a big cuddler). I take pride in my intimidating good looks and rock-hard physique. All this fluff hides the muscles I’ve worked so hard to attain, and my whole demeanor evokes more of a Santa Claus impression than, say, a more desired Santa Cruz surfer boy impression.

And the best part of all, I could finally see the world from more than a foot high off the ground! Cooper is lucky for that.

But that got me thinking…

Doodle Dogs

My brother Oakley would make for a great wienerdoodle! He loves cuddling, and he’s already soft and squishy.

I would have liked to conduct several more tests, but alas, Cooper had to be on his way. I definitely gained a new appreciation for him though, and for doodles in general. Mum also made me realize something when she said she wished I was as cuddlesome as Cooper!

Cooper is cuddly, calm, and quite exceptional in front of a camera. I’m sure that if we would have had the time, he would have done a great job impersonating a dachshund. I even discussed it with Cooper, but we both decided his mom would probably be happier if we didn’t shave him down and then spray-paint him black and tan.

Which was really too bad…

It would have been fun to have Cooper stick around a bit longer, but don’t worry, we’ll see him again! In the meantime, I was in the mood to do something wienerish for a change…

…Like cook some wieners!

Wieners Roasting Wieners

Here we have; two wieners dogs on two logs cooking two hot dogs.

The question is, how would you like your hot dog?

Cooking Hot Dogs

The options being licked, nibbled, or completely eaten.

Dachshund Cooking Hot Dogs

As the chef, I would suggest all of the above.

However, I was very taken aback by how many hot dogs Oakley managed to eat, which is why in my next blog post I insisted Oakley come for a check-up at my “dogtor’s office”.

Crusoe Dogtor Office

To come soon!

Thanks for reading, and now that I’m back I’ll be posting more regularly again.

Keep doodlin’,

~ Crusoe

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