When Mum's Away, The Boys Will Play - or, Work

Mum has just recently left for the island of St. Lucia, leaving me alone with Dad. As a frequent traveler, I was quite disappointed I couldn’t go on this trip, and especially disappointed I would be away from Mum for almost two whole weeks.

Dad is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same as being with Mum. After we dropped her off at the airport I couldn’t help but feel a little ‘down’.

Sad Wiener Dog

But not to worry, I had a lot to look forward to. In just three days I’ve already accomplished some quite impressive feats (such is the story of my life).

For one, he’s taught me how to paint in just three days!

I’ve always been an admirer of fine art (among all the other ‘finer things’), but I have to say my respect for artists has diminished slightly considering the speed in which I took up the talent. But I guess I can’t really blame them – it’s just my unnatural ability to pick up anything that comes my way.

Dad and I are also best hunting buddies, and to be honest, we prefer hunting without Mum. She has a soft spot for furry little animals so is not exactly ‘on my side’ when it comes to a squirrel chase.

I’ma Huntin’ Dawg

When Dad and I are alone in the woods, our teamwork is not to be compared. We came up with the smart analogy together (it was mostly me) that he’s the scope – I’m the rifle. He has a sharp eye for spotting squirrels, and once he does he points towards it, and I take off after it like a speeding bullet.

Dachshund Hunting

Of course, I let no obstruction deter my way, and in fact, often make a show of it.

This is my iconic gazelle-like leap I employ when needing to overcome a large log or stick.

Crusoe's Iconic Gazelle-Like Leap

But that wasn’t even the best part of my time with Dad so far.

I’ma Workin’ Dawg

Earlier this week, Dad said he could use a bit of help around the office and so asked if I wanted to come with him! Now, I am way too famous to get a regular job like Dad, but without Mum at home anymore to keep me company, I thought heck, why not? It might just be fun.

Dad said they don’t usually let dogs into the building, but said if I dressed professionally it would be ok.

Crusoe Dachshund at the Office

I think I look pretty dapper in my tie, don’t you think? I’m a real marketing guy now.

I was also happy to see my 2013 calendar on the wall above his desk (and koodos to any of my fans who do too!)

To my surprise, I actually found work fun. And I was pretty good at it, too. In fact, at one point I told Dad he could take a nap on the floor on my doggy bed while I covered for him.

Crusoe Working Hard at the Office

They should really invent a keyboard meant for dachshund paws, because my two front shovels were a little clunky when trying to hit specific keys. So a few emails I sent on behalf of Dad might look like a lot of gibberish, but oh well.

And that damn space key was giving me trouble all day.

At one point I was even taking phone calls for Dad.

It was then that I got a really bright idea. I called up my squeaky ball supplier and asked them to send me another boatload (that’s the measurement I use) of balls – and charge it to the company.

Crusoe dachshund on the phone

Not bad thinking – probably because of my ‘thinking glasses’.

Stuff Gets Weird

As you may have seen from some of my previous posts about time together with Dad, we often find ourselves in some questionable scenarios when Mum’s not around to moderate things. So far we’ve kept it pretty sophisticated I’d say, but things are going to get weird fast.

Dad and I are attempting to organize a huge sexy lady wiener party at our place while Mum’s gone. I’ve been putting up flyers all over the dog park.

Wiener Dog Party

I made sure to indicate that it’s B.Y.O.T.T (bring your own treats & toys), because I don’t want to be sharing my stuff with random chicks – never know if they might run off with your favorite squeaky toy in the morning..

So anyway, I hope Mum doesn’t find out about this or Dad and I are both going to be ‘working’ to pay it off (not the fun kind of work).

I’ll let you know how that turns out ; )

Keep typin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,