The Annual Wiener Dog Race

I had been waiting for this weekend a long time, for every year this is when they have the Annual Wiener Dog Race in Montreal. It was my third year attending.

If you follow my blog and Facebook page, you’ll likely know my history at these events. But just to summarize, the first year I was there I won the Best Trick Award for my “Bang – play dead”. The second year I was there I won the Best Costume Award for my skunk costume. I also won my heat at the races that year, but didn’t place in the final round.

This year I was prepared. Whenever I have a big race or event, I always like to start my day with Life. And not because they’re paying me to eat it – but because Wheaties isn’t paying me enough!

Cruose starts his morning with Life

So this year started with the costume contest. Wearing my BATDOG outfit to this event was out of the question – for that is NOT a costume, and not something of a joking matter either.

My costume this year was, ‘Two Monkeys Carrying a Box of Bananas’! (Feel free to laugh at this one..)

Two Dogs Box Costume - Dachshund Wiener Dog Costume

I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised when I didn’t win. But hey, it’s all for the fun anyway. A cute little Billy Joel came first, so congrats to him : )

I also have to give a shout-out to the super cute cream dachshund who dressed as James Bond. It was a simple, yet elegant and applicable costume for his charming features.

James Bond Dachshund Costume

Actually, right after the costume contest was over, a group of cameramen and a reporter from VICE Cute Show came up to me and asked if they could interview me, Mum, and Dad for one of their documentaries! Actually funny thing; it was the first time I attended this event that I was featured on TV. So I guess this will be my second time : )

Dachshund Banana Box Monkeys Costume

Now before the race actually started, I took the time to get to know my competition. I watched multiple races go by, studying the tactics (and tricks) of the other wiener dogs out there. Specifically, I was trying to pinpoint any wired-hairs that could cause me any trouble.

watching wiener dog races

When it was my time at the starting block, I was happy as can be with the anticipation of reaching that squeaky ball Dad had waiting for me. But boy was it a hot day! Luckily all my trips to Florida helped prepare me for this.

wiener dog starting block for wiener dog race

I ran one preliminary race, one semi-final, and of course – the final. Before we get to the video, here’s a quick pic of me running my first race heat!

wiener dog race heat 2012

As you’ll see in the video, the final race was a pretty close call. There was a lady at the finish who took a big step close to the line, and that made me slow down a little right at the end. Otherwise I’m sure I would have clearly swept the finish line.

Oh well, it made for a good race.

The trophy was nice, but I think the $900 that all the attendees helped to contribute towards the Animal Adoption of Montreal and was the real reward.

wiener dog race winner

So thanks to the Montreal Dachshund Association for organizing event, all the people who attended, and of course, to all my fans who supported me and cheered me on – even if from another corner of the world!

Now, I just have to wait to see whether Wheaties or Life cereal contacts me first..

Keep racin’,

~ Crusoe

p.s. If you want to see a full summary of the event, watch this video : )

Keep ballin’,