Farewell to my Brother!

My brother Oakley has been with me for two weeks now. His Mum is coming to pick him up early this week. So here is my farewell post to him. We’ve had lots of fun together, and I think we’ve really done some good bonding.

He’s been great to play with whenever I get bored, and his goofy character always manages to give me a laugh when I need it. He’s always willing to go for a tumble. And even though he’s only half my age, he still puts up a pretty good fight. Yet, I’m still faster when it comes to playing ball.

No words needed for this picture.. except to note Oakley’s funny frog-legged run.

amazing catch dachshund

Actually, he can still make me a bit grumpy in the mornings when he gets all up in my face, wanting to play. He didn’t quite learn that the morning is my ‘snuggle-with-Mum’ time. After we go out for our morning walk, then we can wrestle. The neighbors below even let us know that they could hear our little feet going back and forth. So Mum had to make us wear these stupid girly slippers.. That didn’t last very long.

Dachshunds in Slippers

Speaking of the morning, I have to tell you about Oakley’s wake-up procedure. Once we unzip him from his crate, he turns into a slow-moving kissing missile. His tongue starts going at a mile-a-minute, and he won’t stop until he reaches your face and wipes it clean. Even if you hold him back, he’ll lick your hand right off. In fact, anytime you pick him up all he wants to do is taste your face.

I on the other hand, will give a reasonable amount of kisses to Mum (her first of course) and then Dad (he only gets one, sometimes).

When Oakley first arrived here, he was a squishy little marshmallow. So I had to whip him into shape. I told him if he wanted to pick up chicks like I do, he’ll have to turn up his sexy-meter a little. His cute meter is all the way up, don’t get me wrong, but cute doesn’t go as far as sexy does with the ladies ; )

Here’s Oakley working his core.

small dog workout

I would say he has definitely improved his physique since being with me. We go on a nice expedition through the woods everyday, which balanced with house-wrestling, some casual ball playing in the yard, and quick walks to the park make for some good exercise.

Here’s us on the teeter totter at the park. Oakley’s the one on the left (obviously).

wiener dogs on teeter totter

Here’s Oakley on the swing. He kept telling Mum to push him, “faster, faster!”

cute wiener dog

Just this past week I have really gotten more used to Oakley. I don’t get as grumpy with him anymore, and I even let him come and cuddle with me. And I am much more polite when it comes to getting what I want from him.

For instance, one time I trotted into Mum’s office to find Oakley in one of my favorite beds. Instead of just pushing him out, I go over to the side of the bed and scratch it, and then look at Mum, waiting for her to scoot Oakley out of the way. I was a bit taken aback when she didn’t immediately oblige my request. Whatever, no problem. I left the room, went into the kitchen, and began scratching the recycling bin. A few seconds later, there comes Oakley bouncing along to see what his big brother is up to. I pretend I smell something in the kitchen, which gets his whiffer going. Then I sneak out and go get my bed back. That’s what you call a smooth criminal.

But anyway, I’m going to miss this little bugger. I think the past two weeks have really shown that there is room for another wiener in my spotlight.

cute wiener dogs

“Farewell, my bro!”

Keep ballin’,


Keep ballin’,