Getting Ready for the Bahamas!

Well, it’s almost time for my vacation to the Bahamas! I’m leaving this Sunday to be exact.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. If you remember, this trip was actually part of my birthday present back from October 28. You can also click this link to see the vacation home I’ve rented. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. And you know dachshunds, when we get something stuck in our head, we’re obsessed.

So this week I’ve already started packing and practicing for all the cool stuff we’re going to do down there. For one thing, I just received my dive suit in the mail. I was quick to try it on to see how it fit.

Cute Dachshund Picture

I would say quite well.

Too bad I don’t have little arms to make use of these sleeves though. They should have given me a discount for that. Heck, it didn’t even come with back flippers. But I guess that’s okay, because I only use my back paws for steering anyway.

These dang flippers are very awkward though.

Dachshund Flippers

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to strut my stuff down the beach with these things on. I think my webbed little paws might do just as well.

Now trying it on is one thing, but I needed to actually test it. So after I hopped in the tub all suited up, I asked Dad to turn on the water.

First flaw I noticed – these goggles don’t seem very ‘water tight’. That could be a potential problem.. Next flaw I found is that this snorkel tube is full of.. fluff – it’s not a real tube. That could also be a problem. If I didn’t know better I’d say Mum and Dad just bought me, do I dare say – a costume?

Dachshund Snorkel Mask

Better not be. I was planning to do some serious diving with this.

Anyway, I’ll have to sort this out with Mum and Dad later. We can discuss on the plane. Speaking of the plane, they better have got me that first class seat I specifically asked for.

So I’ve begun packing my suitcase for the trip. I require some important items, which you may also spot in the suitcase below, including;

  • Big T. That’s my big teddy bear to the right, and also the reason we’ll need one of those large, first class seats.
  • My life jacket.
  • My dive suit – which better not be a costume.
  • A set of dumbbells – in case I need to pump some iron before heading to the beach.
  • Some sunscreen for the little anchor mark on my nose.
  • Toys, toys, and more toys.
  • My Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  • A couple treats.
  • My passport and documents.
  • And a few backup squeaky balls (I’ve already had to use one).

Cute Dachshund Wiener Dog

I hope Mum doesn’t think that I need to ‘share’ a suitcase with them, because that just won’t happen.

I hope they don’t inspect my bag either when we go through customs. I may or may not have some leopard thongs buried somewhere in there (never know what the babes will be into down there). I don’t want Mum to find out about that either, because she likes to think I’m her sweet, hopeless romantic.


Mum also explained to me that my luxury crate will not fit on the plane.

Sidenote: yes, I still sleep in a crate. Well, as I said, it’s a luxury crate. Very nicely outfitted with royalty-quality blankets and covers. It’s also made of a nice nylon fabric I can see out of. I still cuddle with Mum and Dad in their bed for the first part of the night, but then go to my own crate for my beauty rest.

Anyway, get this – Mum bought me a tent to sleep in! A tent?! Heck, I’m not going camping out in the bush (although I do enjoy that as well) – I’m a friggin’ celebrity going on a Bahamas vacation. Not very impressed with that.

Small dog tent

I told them they can sleep in the tent and I’ll take the bed.

This vacation is all about me after all.

~ Keep snorkelin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,