Bahamas Vacation Part 1

Here is part 1 of how many I’m not sure yet, parts to my Bahamas vacation.

Part 2 and Part 3>

It took a long time to get here. We left on Sunday, where we got up at 4:00 am. I was happy to be going with Mum and Dad. The night before I had sat for hours next to the luggage.

We flew from Ottawa to Toronto to Nassau, Bahamas.

Flying was no problem. As you know, I’m a frequent traveler, having taken my first plane when I was just a puppy. I travel in a little zip-up carry on bag, which fits nicely under the seat in front of Mum or Dad. I just sleep most of the time, and don’t need any pills or any of that wussy stuff.

I was disappointed when we weren’t in first class, but Mum said my carry-on bag is a first class bag and that’s all that matters. I understand her thinking, but I explained to her it’s not just about the level of comfort – it’s also the prestige and ‘image’ that goes with it. What do you think people would think if they saw Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund traveling in plain ol’ economy class?

That’s why I posted this picture on Facebook with the following caption:

Waiting for Plane - Dog in Airport
Waitin’ for my plane.. just like all the regular people.
This is why I need a private jet.

When we arrived in Bahamas we had to go through customs. Mum had all my papers ready, including my import permit, vet certifications, and receipts for some of my treatments, all of which caused us a lot of work and $$$. The customs officer took a quick look at our import permit and said, “alright, have fun!”

So, all that work and they didn’t even look at the rest. Oh well, I won’t complain that it was easy.

From Nassau we then had to take a small plane to Eleuthera, a mere twenty minute flight.

Wiener Dog Flying

Once we arrived there, it was an hour car ride just to get to our villa. I was pretty tired by the time we got there, but relieved to be able to stretch my legs and walk around. Unfortunately it was already dark though, so I had to wait until the next day to explore.

The next morning I awoke in a panic, having a brief moment of not recognizing my travel tent. It was 5:00, and I was too excited to bother letting Mum and Dad sleep, so I woke them up.

It was then that I got outside to see the Bahamas in its early morning glory. I was happy to see our very own beach!

Wiener Dog Bahama

Beautiful (I mean me).

Now to tell you a little more about Eleuthera. It’s a celebrity getaway for those such as Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Mariah Carey, and more. But it’s not really a ‘luxury’ island. They say it’s the most ‘authentic’ Bahamas island, not being overly developed or flooded with tourists. In fact, it’s very quiet and serene. The locals are nice people, too.

That’s what I like though. I may be a celebrity, but am still more of an adventure traveler. Kind of like the James Cameron of the dog world I guess.

So for our first day, we went to the French Leave Beach, aka the Club Med beach. There used to be a large Club Med Resort on this beach about 10 years ago, but it was destroyed by a hurricane and never rebuilt.

Wiener Dog Vacation

So it was un-kept and littered with debris, but you can tell this would be a gorgeous beach if regularly maintained. Closer to the water it was a nice and clean, and we were the only ones for as far as the eye could see. Perfect.

I was so happy to race along that beach in the hot sun and the cool breeze. Dad threw the ball for me, and it was the best thing ever to run and get it.

Wiener Dog Running on Beach

I told Dad I would like to join a Beach Squeaky Ball league. He said, “what are you talking about, there’s no such thing.” I was dumbstruck. How could the world be so stupid as to not have invented Beach Squeaky Ball?

So call me the Pioneer, and add that to me resume. I just invented a sport.

Dachshund Beach Squeak Ball

The object of the game is to get in as many squeaks in as you can from the time the ball is thrown until the next time it is picked up.

Now my counting gets a bit shaky after the number 10, but I would say my current record is about 3000. So, I invented the sport and am also the world record holder. Not many people can say that, let alone dogs.

It turns out I must have consumed a bit of sand because the next time I did #2, there was a bit of sand in there.

Mum and Dad were worried and did some research that night. They were rightfully so, because it can be dangerous. They gave me some oil in my food to help pass it. But anyway, my appetite is still good, I’m feeling fine and still like to play, and the sand now seems to have completely passed – so not to worry fans. However, this is bad news for my new sport because Mum and Dad won’t let me chase the ball down the beach anymore.

I still like to dig though. Mum also made sure to cover my nose in sunscreen for the moments it wasn’t already covered in sand.

Good Looking Dachshund Wiener Dog

In between all the beach time, we explored some of the local food spots.

We found a great one not far that was quiet and had a nice view. And you know me, I always have to try the local brew, which is Kalik – the beer of the Bahamas. It was nice to sit and enjoy a cool beer while watching the ocean. This is what a vacation should feel like.

Kalik - the beer of the Bahamas

So after a nice lunch, it was back to the beach.

One thing about being a celebrity, is that no matter where you go and what you do, you’re always being watched and photographed. Lucky for me, I like it. Here’s me throwing a pose for my photographer (aka Dad).

Wiener Dog Beach Photography

Mum was complaining I wasn’t taking enough pictures with her. And she was right, this is a family vacation, even if it’s mostly about me.

Wiener Dog on Beach Bahamas

We’re having a great time together, and the beach is one of my new favorite things. There’s so much for a dog to do there! You can play, run, dig, swim, relax in the sun, or check out the chicks! What more could I ask for?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I do some snorkeling and almost find the love of my life..

Hope my SuperDog sidekicks are doing well, I’ll have to check in with them soon.

Keep black & tannin’,

~ Crusoe


Keep ballin’,