Two-Week Wiener Wrap-Up

I missed a few posts over the past couple weeks, and for a number of reasons. First just let me tell you that as much as I may make it look easy, it’s really not that easy being a celebrity.

For one thing, Mum and Dad just bought a house. They put me in charge of arranging the mortgage. At first I was annoyed by this, because since when do celebrities arrange their own mortgages? We’re supposed to have people that do that for us. But anyway, they explained to me that it was because of my superior mathematical skills that they entrusted this duty to me. So, that at least made sense. I am pretty smart, and I did end up finding us a great rate.


Next thing I know there’s people showing up at my door looking to rent our condo. I find this very insulting. I haven’t even left yet and there’s already people marching in unannounced to scope out my home. I don’t like it when people even walk down my block let alone come into my apartment. So I devised a plan when I heard Mum speaking to the condo company about some ‘potential renters’ coming.

I threw on my old spider costume. I waited around the corner from front door, ready to spring out and scare the bejeebers out of them when they came in.

dachshund in a spider costume

I was very distraught when the visitors were not scared away by my appearance. In fact, it seemed to work contrarily to what I had hoped – they found me cute!

The next thing I had going was my Portrait-Pose Photo Contest that just wrapped up this past weekend. I had quite the time deciding on the winners with the help of my fellow judges, as all the photos were just awesome. I wish I could have just said they would all become custom-made paintings by Doodle Dog Paintings, but I don’t think the artist would like it if I did that. Anyway, as is a contest – some people win and some don’t, but I appreciate everyone who was a good sport throughout the competition.

The judges and I got a little bit of heat over Twitter for our decisions by a disgruntled contestant, but hey, what’s a celebrity without a little drama?

So anyway, going away to my summer vacation home in Quebec is always a good escape. The fresh air does wonders.

dachshund on a dock

I also decided I would take up fly-fishing. I’m already an expert fisherman, but I’ve never been fly-fishing before. I’m really glad I did it though because it was a blast!

Typically, I would never go in a river like this. In fact, I’m usually not much of a fan of water at all. However, with the prospect of fish in sight, there was no hesitation for me in going right in. I was even jumping at the lure! They got mad at me when I did that though. But I just thought it was a fish!

fly fishing wiener dog dachshund

Then when we actually get a fish, I become a little crazy. I’ll admit that. I start squealing with excitement and doing a really high-pitched bark. I was lunging at the fish like it was a big piece of bacon.

dachshund wiener dog in river

I get a little obsessed.

So then, what else did I do?.. Oh, I went to the Dogs with Heart walk-a-thon in Toronto a couple weeks ago. I’ll have to do a follow-up post just on that though!

But anyway, what I’m really looking forward to is my vacation to Maine this Saturday! A full week of just me, Mum, Dad, my friend Laffie, and some other family and friends. It’s going to be both relaxing and exciting! I’ll be sure to share my adventures as the week progresses. A whole week vacation is just what I need from my hectic celebrity life. As I said, it’s a tough job, but the fans need me ; )

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,