One of My Greatest Weekend Adventures

This past weekend was a long one for us, and so I had a full 3 days at my summer cottage, away from the city and the paparazzi.

The best part was that my brother Oakley came all the way from Toronto to spend the weekend with me there. And boy did we have some fun!

During our first day there, we noticed there was a peculiar scent afoot. Our suspicions were confirmed when Dad pointed out the groundhog holes under the deck and around the yard. One of the holes looked as if it had fallen in, but Oakley and I made quick work of it, each taking turns with our powerful two front shovels.

Two Dachshunds Digging

We got a bit dirty, but it’s all part of the job.

a dirty dachshund dog

Now I’ve been feeling a little restricted lately being in the city, feeling like I need something truly heart-pumping and exhilarating to get my adventure juices flowing again. So the next day we went on an amazing expedition in the wilderness. Now I’m not just talking a couple of minutes off the road. I’m talking 30 minute drive into untamed forest up old logging routes – truly off the beaten path. At the start of our walk expedition, we spotted some poopoo from a wolf. That was confirmation enough that we were in the wild.

After about 20 minutes of walking we came to the end of the withering path. We continued through the forest, with no path to follow and nothing in sight but the faint shimmer of blue water in the distance. We pushed through and made it to a small, marshy lake. We spotted something a little ways up and decided to investigate, walking along the water’s edge.

Wiener Dogs in the Forest by Lake

It was really funny when Oakley fell in. I just remember turning around and then seeing a little nose bobbing in the murky water. His mom was about ready to dive in after him. He got out fine though. Just a little wet (and marsh-stinky). It was too bad my photographer wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of that..

It was then that we saw it. This ‘lake’ that we had found had been made by a beaver. Stretching across the expanse of water was a giant beaver dam, and on the other side, in the middle of the water, was a beaver lodge. I had to get up onto the dam for a photo. It’s amazing to think a little creature not much bigger than me made all this.

beaver lodge and dam in a pond

That was quite an experience. But after all that and with it being such a hot day, I needed to cool off. We went into town for some ice cream. Here’s a picture of Oakley and I sharing a cone. Looking at his eyes, you can tell that he reallyyy likes ice cream..

Crusoe & Oakley eating ice cream

Following that moment of pure enjoyment, it was back home for a little fun in the pool. Now what is very strange is that Oakley is typically the water-lover of us two. When it comes to a lake or beach, he’s usually the first one in, whereas I’m more hesitant. But once Dad set up this play pool and threw my ball in there, I was quick to learn to like it! Oakley on the other hand, wasn’t very interested.

But that’s okay, I had plenty of fun playing catch in the warm water! What a perfect way to cool off. I think this catch speaks for itself ; )

Dachshund in Pool Plays Catch Awesome Catch

I just wanted to keep playing and playing..

Wiener Dog in Pool

I think I must have swallowed a lot of water though, because I was peeing like a race horse after that. Dad even had to take me out at 3:00am that night for a peepee.

How’s that for a weekend? ; )

Keep adventurin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,