Out for Coffee & a Treat

This past week I headed over to the Wag Pet Shop in Ottawa for a local dachshund meetup. I figured they might appreciate a little celebrity appearance.

Wag Ottawa

It was my first time there, and it was quite a nice place. They had clothes and jackets, some gourmet treats, and even coffee for the humans. Nicely done up if you ask me. There was a pretty good turnout of dachshunds, too. I cracked a joke to Dad at the time saying it was a real, ‘sausage fest’.

I strolled around for a little while, getting to know the place and some of the other dogs. I actually had a few people recognize me – saying to Mum, “is this… is this Crusoe the Celebrity?..” They were pretty shocked awe-stricken to have finally met me. I took a couple photos with some fans so they would have a nice keepsake. I met this real cute pup there, but unfortunately I forgot his name. When you’re a celebrity it gets hard to remember everyone’s name.

Puppy at Wag Pet Shop in Ottawa

I trotted over to the sitting section to enjoy a treat, but then I saw two big wire-haired dachshunds sitting there. So I stayed away from those guys. I told Mum to hide her purse, too.

Mum shopped around a bit, looking at some sweaters and stuff for me, but we didn’t get anything this time. I figured if I wasn’t going to buy something from them, I might as well do a little celebrity endorsement for their products. I want to be a generous-type of celebrity. So I hopped up onto the shelf and had this photo taken. They could probably put it on a billboard or something. I told them they could feel free to use my name in their marketing materials, too.

Organic Pet Store Ottawa

As expected, I was most interested in the squeaky toy section. I couldn’t reach a lot of the ones I wanted to try out, so Mum had to pass them to me based on my nose-pointing.

Dachshund Looking at Toys

After a painstakingly long decision-making process of testing various toys and their squeakiness, I finally narrowed it down to one toy, and so had Mum bring it up to the cashier for me. I heard that celebrities always use ‘Black’ American Express credit cards. So the other day I took Mum’s gold one and painted it black. I don’t know why more people haven’t thought of that. I guess that’s why they call me smart.

Dog Buying

After we rang the toy through, I immediately removed the packaging and happily walked around the store with it stuffed in my mouth. In any normal circumstance I probably would have gotten in trouble for the noise disturbance (from my squeaking), but of course, I have special exceptions. Although, things got a little tense when this wiener named Julia stole my toy and tried to make a run for it. She was a girl so I didn’t go too hard on her. But I did make it clear to her that it is not acceptable to steal my toys (but if she would like to enter in my Photo Contest then that is a legitimate way to win some of my toys).

Wag Dog Shop Ottawa

After the suspicious looking wire-haired’s left, we went over to the tables to enjoy some coffees (for Mum and Dad) and a yummy yogurt and peanut butter treat for me.

Dachshund in a Cafe

So all in all, it was a good time. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

On another note. Today, voting begins for my Celebrity Moment Photo Contest, so hop on over to my Facebook page and check out the contestants! There’s some pretty awesome celebrity moments out there! You can vote for multiple photos per day, but only once per individual photo (per day), so be sure to come back everyday to support whoever you like.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,