The Dog Who Loves To Fish

If you were to ask me what my favorite activity is, I would likely say fishing. Of course, it depends on the season and my mood at the time though. For instance, if you asked me in the middle of winter I might say that chasing snowballs is my favorite activity. And if you asked me in the middle of bikini season, well, I think we know.

Yet, ever since I was just a puppy, Mum, Dad and my Uncle Jack have been taking me fishing. I’ve been crazy about it from the first time. There’s just something truly exciting about hooking some mysterious creature from the dark depths below, only to discover its true form as you draw it to the surface where it fights and splashes to escape as you try to land it in the net.

Crusoe Dachshund Loves Fishing

Those who have fished with me know that it’s not exactly a relaxing trip. When a fish comes in sight, I get so excited that I let out an ear-piercing squeal that can be heard across the lake. People can barely restrain me from jumping out of the boat, let alone trying to reel a fish into the boat..

Crusoe Fishing!

The below Vine video is a great example of my reaction. Make sure to click the sound icon in the top left.

My brother Oakley has seen lots of my fishing pictures and videos, and knows just how excited I get. Naturally, he wanted to join in the fun. So during our little summer vacation together this summer, I let him tag along for some fishing adventures.

Two Wiener Dogs Fishing

He was thrilled to join me, but I think his enthusiasm faded pretty quickly when nothing happened for the first five minutes. I told him that any fisherman will tell you, “it’s all about patience”.

I’m one to talk though, considering how I keep up a persistent, annoying whine from the moment we leave the dock until we get a fish. I like to think of it as being ‘impatiently patient’ – I’m patient enough to stick around to see what happens, but not patient enough to sit quietly.

Cute Fishing Dog Hat

Most people would argue that my cuteness and flexed physique more than make up for any little annoying whines of mine though.

I told Oakley we would practice from the dock first. So I had Dad bait our hooks and cast them in. (I’m famous enough to have other people do that for me now).


I told Oakley you need to watch the little red bobber on the water, and that when it dips under you know a fish is nibbling on it. Then you have to jerk the line to hook the sucker. It’s kind of like saying the first sentence of a pick-up line to a girl at a bar, wherein you wait to see if she’s receptive to hearing the rest – and if she is, you hook her with the punch line!

I’m not kidding when I say I watch the bobber either! Trust me when I say that my eyes follow the direction of each cast that’s made, and I never take my eyes off that bobber (except when my hat falls over my eyes).

Mini Dachshund Watching Bobber

I have to say though, I was impressed with how attentive Oakley was, at first. He was right there by my side looking in the same general direction as me (whether or not he was looking at the bobber, I’m not sure).

Little Dachshunds Fishing

Yet it wasn’t long before his attention drifted elsewhere and he was off sniffing cracks in the dock, pacing back and forth and finally settling on a stick.


Oh well, I guess I can’t push him too hard at the start.

Although I figured if we had a nice fishing theme song to go along with it all, he might get more into it. So we switched spots to a nice little bridge between two big rocks. I had Mum queue up the music while we watched and waited.

Oakley did a bit better this time, and even told me he liked the music. That was good. I realized though that the only way to get him truly in love with fishing was to have him experience just how exciting it can be for me to get a fish! Maybe if he sees first hand just how fun it really is, he’ll be as into it as I am – and then we’ll become best fishing buddies.

And for that, we needed Uncle Jack.

I can always count on him to catch me a fish!

As for Oakley, I think he enjoyed it, but I don’t think fishing will be quite as much a passion for him as it is for me. I’m happy to have him join me whenever he likes though.

After all, we make for a couple adorable fishin’ buddies.

Cute Wiener Dogs in Fishing Outfits

With or without him though, I’ll be on that rock always watching for the next cast…


…while flexin’.

As always, I’m looking forward to the next time I see my little brother, Oakley. I told him that the next time we get together, he gets to choose the activity. So we’ll see what he comes up with! ; )

Keep fishin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,