The Bees & The Book!

Although it’s perhaps seemed like things have been quiet with me on the surface recently, there’s been a lot going on! For one thing, Mum and Dad just started a beehive, officially making me a “backyard beekeeper”; another esteemed credential for my already mountainous resume. Not only that, but I just announced that I officially have a SECOND BOOK coming out! I recently asked all of you – the fans, to contribute ideas for what the direction of the second book should be, so I’m announcing the theme of book #2 lower down in this post!

crusoe book two

But first, let’s find out what all this buzz has been about.

When I heard Mum and Dad wanted to start a beehive, I wasn’t so sure. I’ve seen plenty dogs on the internet who ended up looking like a chipmunk because of a sting or two. However, Mum and Dad promised me they would take the utmost care in ensuring my safety, even if it meant taking a bullet sting for me. And so, I decided to allow it.

In fact, I figured I might as well give them some practice if they’re going to do this right.

dog bumble bee costume

I decided to help them the best way I knew how – I cut up some of Mum and Dad’s towels around the house to make myself a bee costume, and told Dad I’d perform a “run-through”.

Let’s take a look at how it went here.

“Pretty easy!” Dad exclaimed at the end of the routine.

“Well that’s only because I decided to go easy on you”, I replied sharply. “Just watch, tomorrow I’m going to bite sting you in the ankles!”

crusoe the honey bee dachshund

That tempered him a little.

About a week later I noticed Mum and Dad put on these full-body, all-white suits and hats, and for a brief moment I worried there might be another outbreak of Hamster Fever or something, but then I remembered it was for the bees!

crusoe dachshund beekeepers


I had to wait inside for their installation into the hive, but Dad says he’ll soon make me my own beekeeper suit!

crusoe beekeeper

We were all pleased to see the bees bringing in their first loads of pollen strapped to their legs. Can’t wait to taste some of my very own backyard honey!

I’ll keep you guys updated on how it all goes, which is hopefully smoothly.

Book #2 – What’s it gunna be?!?!

Thanks to everyone who contributed their input in my survey! And if you missed the first one, don’t worry, I’ll seek more of your feedback on some of the more specifics to come! Make sure to enter your email below to be notified of surveys, results, and other uber-important updates!

First, let’s take a quick look at some of the collective feedback you all provided!

I asked everyone who has read my first book what their favorite type of chapter/content was. This was the answer breakdown:

favorite chapter from first book

So, the travel and adventure part seemed to be a favorite, but followed very closely by “day in the life” stuff at home, with Oakley or goofing around in a costume, etc.

Then I asked everyone, including those who haven’t read the first book, what they enjoy most about my antics, what they would like to see in a new book, etc. Essentially, all the questions boiled down to this:

  • People enjoy the adventures and travels.
  • But they also really enjoy life as a “regular” dog at home, goofing around and having fun.
  • They like the costumes and outfits, but of course not all the time.
  • People really, really like Oakley.

In fact, I had to be sure just how much Oakley should be included. So I asked that question!

brother oakley involvement

“Well Oakley, the polls are in, and your approval rating is at a record 72%!”

I’m kidding, but I promise I will include him as much as possible! However, I can’t include Oakley in everything because he doesn’t live with me, nor does he travel.

And *drumrolllll*

So, book #2, what’s the verdict? Well, here’s the gist of it:

My second book will highlight my all-around “worldliness” in every sense of the word, meaning a prominent feature of the book will be my travels and adventures abroad, including my vacations to exotic places and my adventures on tour! But “worldly” doesn’t always mean travel; it can also mean living life with an experienced, sophisticated, and diverse outlook. So the book will also feature “life in between” the travels, including goofing around with my brother Oakley and revelations at home, but also some of the starker parts of life, such as my experience in going through my surgery and recovery, and the loss of my best friend, Laffie, and maybe a mid-life crisis or two!

I think it’s going to be great, and I am so thrilled that I can say this concept was helped developed by my fans!

So, what’s next?

crusoe book survey thumb

Well, the book will come out in Fall 2018, which seems far away but it’ll come quick. I only have 2017 to write it and put it all together though, so the next step – and the next thing I need YOUR help for, is deciding what to include in the book, such as what new places I should travel to this year! So stay tuned for that! 😉

But there’s no time to wait. In just a couple weeks I’ll be off one very special trip to be included in the book. This will be the one and only trip that I do with my brother Oakley! He doesn’t really travel, so this is going to be one heck of a time! We’re going to Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains for a week!

If you’re in the relative area, yes, we will be giving the fans an opportunity to come see the both of us, which will be at Knoxville’s Barnes and Noble on Saturday, June 17th from 1-3pm. Make sure to RSVP on Facebook if you’re thinking of coming!

crusoe and oakley knoxville book signing

In the meantime, I need to get crackin’ here.

“Now, where do I start?..”crusoe writing his second book

“Well, maybe a good place to start would be investing in a better pair of glasses, because I can’t see a dang thing!”

Thanks to all the fans making this happen! Hope to see lots of you in Knoxville! I know it’s a smaller town, but hey, why not just rent a camper and drive cross-country to see me?! 😉

Keep writin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,