The SuperDog Photo Contest!

As I mentioned in a recent post, my SuperDog Photo Contest will be starting very shortly – this Wednesday, October 17 to be exact!

As many of you know, I am a career celebrity. But when the sun sets and the curtains close, BATDOG emerges from his lair (under the blankets).

Now being a celebrity is a huge job, let alone being a SuperDog who holds the responsibility for millions of dogs’ safety. So the point of this contest is for me to find a sidekick to help take some of that weight off my back. In fact, I will be looking for two sidekicks – so that if one of them is unavailable, the other can step in to cover.

I’ve spent a good amount of time designing this contest so that I truly find the most suitable and qualified superhero sidekick. Of course, whenever I do any critical thinking I must wear my thinking glasses.

Please note: I am NOT flexing in this photo, even if Mum argues that I am.

So what do you need to do?

Think of how your dog could be a SuperDog! You will need to think of a superhero name as well. Take a picture of your doggy with his/her SuperDog costume and post it to the Contest Tab of my Facebook Page with a short description as to why you think your dog deserves to be BATDOG’s sidekick. The costume can be whatever you like – it could even be your Halloween costume, or heck, maybe your SuperDog is just so super that they don’t even need a full costume. It’s up to you, but I’m looking for a little creativity.

A couple fans have asked for some close-up pictures of my BATDOG mask. I don’t mind showing you if it helps with some ‘inspiration’ perhaps!

BATDOG batman dog dachshund mask costume

You will have two weeks for submitting your Picture, SuperDog Name, and Description starting October 17th, lasting until you guessed it, Halloween (October 31). Starting the day after Halloween, November 1, there will be only 1 week for voting. On November 7th, the contest ends and winners are announced the following day.

Recap of Timelines

October 17 – 31: Submit Photo, SuperDog Name, and Description to the Contest App on my Facebook Page. If you don’t have Facebook, you will be able to submit through the Contests page of my website.

November 1 – 7: Voting period.

November 8: Winners announced.


I mentioned above that there will be 2 winners. So one winner will be determined by votes, and the other will be personally chosen by BATDOG himself.

Aside: If one of the winners happens to be a wired hair dachshund, please note there will be a criminal record check done prior to assuming the position as BATDOG’s sidekick.

And on that note, today I visited a local Pet Boutique called Master ‘n Dogs to participate in their own contest (which my Ottawa fans can read about here and which I’ll mention again on Facebook a bit later). Anyway, the store owner is a wired hair named Stella. In keeping with my image and political correctness, I was obliged to swap a few words with her and even take a picture with her. This was all fine and dandy, (luckily) – but this is the exact situation where I could have used a sidekick to keep an extra lookout for any mischief going on in the background. You never know what might be a ‘setup’.

Wired hair versus smooth hair miniature dachshund

Everything went smooth though (not ‘wirey’).


Now for the exciting part. In one of my recent posts I talked about doing a Photo Book, however, due to popular demand I have decided to do a calendar instead (with the New Year approaching and all).

So the two winning sidekicks of the contest will receive the only two pawtographed versions of this calendar! They will also be featured in a blog post, showcasing their experience and the crime-fighting skills they can expect to bring to the BATDOG team. Plus a few goodies of course : )

Calendars will go on sale to the public shortly after the contest has ended. And as for my photo book, I may introduce this around Christmas.

Are You Ready?

So who’s excited to become one of BATDOG’s official SuperDog sidekicks?

And I’ll admit – I am flexing in this one..

So get your thinking caps on! Submissions start October 17th on the Contest Tab of my Facebook Page!

Keep SuperDoggin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,