Sexy Ladies Wiener POOL Party

Well, I don’t think this summer could get any better for me. Really. I spent some great time with my brother at my chalet where we embarked on the first adventure of Captain Crusoe & First Mate Oakley, I blew away the competition at the annual wiener dog race, and then I had a very romantic date weekend with Gogo.

So just when I thought that’s as good as it gets, out of nowhere comes a Sexy Ladies Wiener Party (#SLWP) – pool edition.

Dachshund Pool Party - Crusoe

If only Oakley could be here to see this, it would be the treasure trove of babes we never found..

You may be surprised to see me with chicks in bikinis to either side of me after reading my last post where I get romantic with the beautiful Gogo, but I never said I was ready to settle down – or even to start dating for that matter.

However, that’s Gogo herself on the left. Shortly after our romantic weekend I called her up to let her know I wasn’t ready for a relationship, my reason being that as a celebrity I can’t maintain a monogamous status even if I tried (so I was just being considerate of her). There’s just too many SLWPs with my name on it. Gogo was surprisingly receptive, and had no problem agreeing to keep it casual for now.

In fact, she was so cool with it that she wanted to prove it to me by attending this party with all those other scandalous women around. I was cool with that if she was..

So what was the occasion of this pool party?

Wiener Dog Pool Party!

Celebrities don’t need an occasion.

It was just a way to unwind with some of my homeboys, soak in some sun, put back a few cold ones, and of course enjoy the female company. It was held at the Playboy Mansion that I rented for the day. And did I mention it was bathing suit optional?

Speaking of bathing suits, I even wore my own.

Crusoe with his swim trunks

When Dad told me that chicks dig a guy with a big trunk, I figured he was talking about baggy swim trunks. Either that or a car with lot of trunk space.. (to put all their shopping bags I guess).

Anyway, Gogo was nothing short of ravishing in her bikini.

Wiener Dog Pool Party w/ Bikinis

In fact, at one point she even caught me checking out her bum. Usually I’m such a smooth operator that I don’t get busted for things like that, but with the drinks flowing and the bikinis bouncing, it was hard to stay smooth.

I don’t think Gogo really minded though ; )

Wiener Dog Bum

It was obvious that she really likes me, because although I was schmoozing all the girls there, she stayed faithfully close by my side.

It was fun to see a bit more of a “wild side” in her, too. She flirted with me shamelessly, sipped her champagne like a lottery winner and carried herself like a background dancer from a hip hop music video.

If I didn’t know better, I would say she’s starting to enjoy this fame thing.

Cute Wiener Dogs in Bikini & Swim Trunks!

Well, she better because if you roll with me, the world is going to know about it. I just hope she doesn’t let it go too much to her head. (Hate when people do that).

We even filmed a little music video of our own to the ever-so-appropriate, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

I’m sure Mr. Thicke is going to be jealous of this one. His video just doesn’t compare.

As the center of the party, I couldn’t spend all my time with just Gogo though. I had to balance my attention among everyone, including this mega-cutie in pink named Zoey.

Cute Doggles

She was all over the opportunity to party with a celebrity, but she also had a protective brother there named Frankie who kept trotting around and barking to show off his toughness. (I just ignored him).

She was also quite the party animal, always trying to take off her bikini. At one point I actually had to tell her to “slow down there, we still got the whole day..”

Bikini Wiener Dog Party

But all those drinks in the hot sunshine was making me a bit heat-exhausted.

So I had to go cool off with my dawgs on the floaty. Plus I needed a little breather from all those women. I love them but after a while they just don’t stop talking..

Shades on dogs in the pool

Sometimes it’s good to just hang with the boys and think what each other is thinking instead of verbalizing every thought.

After a refreshing dip it was time for more socializing with my main squeeze. I was very impressed with her today, and really liked the fun, free-spirited side of her I was seeing.

Sexy Ladies Wiener Party

Not many girls can keep up with (or put up with) my celebrity lifestyle, so today was a good learning experience for us.

Cute Wiener Dogs Bikini and Shades

As the day went on and the thought of returning to real life started to become more apparent, I knew we had to end it with a bang. So for our final act we all took off our swimming gear and went for a little skinny dip together.

This was the best part, but unfortunately the below picture is the only one I can share publicly ; )

Bikini Bottom Floating in Pool

And that wrapped up my Sexy Lady Wiener Pool Party. The first pool edition, but far from the last SLWP.

I had a lot of fun, but right now I’m feeling a bit dizzy so need to close my eyes.

Crusoe's Pool Party

In fact, Mum will probably need to carry me to the car.

Stay tuned for the next #SLWP, wherever it may be!

Keep flirtin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,