Nominated for Best Pet Blog Award at the 2013 Bloggies!

You might have seen some of my Facebook posts this past Sunday of me practicing my red carpet walk and acceptance speech as if for the Oscars. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), it was the same day that I also found out I’m one of the 5 finalists for the prestigious Bloggie Award of Best Pet Blog! So it may have looked like I was just having some dress-up fun, but in fact I was so excited by my nomination that I just had an overwhelming desire to start running through the ceremony routine!

Now you may say, “Crusoe, aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself?”

The answer is yes, but my whole celebrity success has revolved around me “thinking I’m more of a celebrity than I really am”, so I’m goin’ to stick with my strategy ; )

Plus, it’s pretty fun to dress up all fancy-like.

Crusoe Red Carpet Walk

Before I get too far I have to remember my manners, and in doing so say a big thank you to all my fans and especially to all those who helped nominate me! I wouldn’t be here without my supporting fans.

But since I’m on the red carpet, I might as well throw out a few more poses for the camera ; )

Red Carpet Wiener Dog - Crusoe!

I know that once I’m at the award show there will likely be a lot of cameras flashing and people trying to get at me for an interview. I need to make sure I keep perfect composure for all those photos, so I had Mum and Dad put me through a similar ‘atmosphere’ to what the awards show would be like.

Check out my below red carpet Vine video (sound recommended). You’ll notice the award I have there is a mini version of an Oscar, marked as ‘Best Celebrity Dog’. This is what I’m practicing with ; )

I’d say I’m in pretty good shape for the ceremony. After all, I’ve been under the spell of the camera for just about as long as I can remember now. As my fan Betsy Bishop said, “you are a natural, Crusoe!

The next step will be for me to prepare my acceptance speech. I’ve already been working on it for the past two days. As you know, for any sort of critical thinking I must wear my ‘thinking glasses’. However, sometimes my excitement can cloud my thinking, so I need to balance my critical thinking with some casual relaxation. That’s why I am much more productive if I wear my glasses and play video games at the same time! (Dad taught me that).

Now I won’t tell you exactly what my speech will say since there has to be some element of surprise, but here’s the gist of it:

First I’ll do a quick scan of the audience to pick out the location of the cutest chicks. This will be the direction in which I wink throughout my speech.

The rest of the time I’ll just crack some jokes and ramble on about a few random stories, making sure to thank my managers (Mum & Dad), my brother Oakley, and of course my fans at some point. But for the most part I’ll be throwing winks and making suggestive comments to the awesomeness of the after-party I’ll be having. I’ll just have to be careful that my winking frequency doesn’t come off as a twitch..

Bloggies Award - Best Dog Blog

And oh – I might need to remove the shades!

I would love to win the Bloggie (Weblog) Award for best pet blog, as it would really be confirmation that I’m more of a celebrity than I really am.

The winner for the award is determined by votes accumulated before March 31, 2013. So I would immensely appreciate your vote : )

You can vote for me by visiting the Bloggies website, scroll down to the pet section, check my box (the little grey circle), then scroll to the bottom to submit it! You’ll also need to click a confirmation email link afterwards.

Vote for Crusoe as Best Pet Blog - Bloggies Awards!

Pinning of this pic is also mucho appreciated : )

Thanks again to the fans who helped nominate me, and thanks in advance to all those who give me their vote!

Keep votin’,

~ Crusoe

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s post where Chef Crusoe returns for the new post, ‘Cooking with Crusoe – Pizza Time!

Keep ballin’,