A Message on COVID-19 From the Pups

With the amount of followers and reach that Crusoe has, I feel a duty to use our influence to promote the right attitude and behavior during this COVID-19 pandemic… Because still some people out there are not taking this seriously enough.

When the words of the government and the experts are not enough to convince people, we need to get through to them in different ways. As the Surgeon General just said recently, “we need to get out our influencers”. If I can help push the trend for influencers to use their platforms to communicate these messages, and to potentially save lives by influencing real behavior, I might as well try!

Alongside all the points in this video, we also encourage fostering and donating to animal shelters, since as shelters become understaffed/closed, animals are being euthanized that didn’t need to be.


Crusoe; Hello, I’m Dr. Wiener.

Daphne: And I’m nurse Daphne. This is a public service announcerment regarding the cocobana virus.

Crusoe: coronavirus

Daphne: *ahem* coronavirus.

Crusoe: Please watch and share this video. The fastest, and most effective way to get through this, is if we work together and all stay on the same page.

Daphne: One of the most importanter things to know, is that the spread of the virus is being fueled by ‘sneaky’ cases. Around two terds of all transmissions come from ‘sneaky’ cases, meaning the person who passed it on had no to mild symptoms, but were still infectious!

Crusoe: That’s right, and those people most of the time don’t even know they have it, which is why it’s just as important that young people follow these guidelines as well. They may be less likely to get sick from the virus, but they’re more likely to spread it.

Daphne: so stay home as much as possibible, especially old peoples, but especially young peoples, and especially, all peoples.

Crusoe: And if you do have to go out, keep your space from others, don’t participate in social gatherings, and wash your paws often!

Daphne: And your butts.

Crusoe: Not just for your health, but also for that of others’.

Daphne: cuz you might be a sneak with a stinky butt!

Crusoe: And it doesn’t matter where you live. From evidence so far, the virus can and is being transmitted in hot and humid climates, too.

Daphne: It’s everywhere! Even the beach isn’t safe if there’s lots of peoples around!

Crusoe: Remember, panicking won’t help the situation. Let’s be calm and thoughtful of one another.

Daphne: Ya so don’t buy all the poop bags, jerk!

Crusoe: There’s nothing wrong with supply chains. So don’t hoard. Save some for your neighbors. Things will restock. But let’s save the masks for the medical workers.. Unless you’re sick yourself, wherein you should be at home anyway.

Daphne: But help your neighbors! Ask older peoples if they need anythings from the store! And drop it off at their doorstepper!

Crusoe: And luckily, there’s no evidence that pets can become infected, but it’s still unknown if they could be ‘sneaks’ of their own (carriers), so maybe don’t smooch the pup for a while.

Daphne: ya but who we kiddings?

Crusoe: So, let’s find ways to stay entertained without getting sick or being a sneak!

Play games inside!

Daphne: Hey! You cheatered!

Crusoe: and if you need some space, go on a walk or explore nature, but just keep your distance from others.

Crusoe: Many smart people are working on vaccines and cures, but none exist yet. So, although this is a cutesy dog video, this is a serious matter.

Daphne: But we can do this peoples, as long as we works together.

Crusoe: We can. Talk to your friends and family, digitally, and spread the message, not the virus.

So stay positive, don’t panic, and if there’s one silver lining to being stuck at home, it’s that you get to spend more time with your pups.

Daphne: Yay!

So take care, stay safe, and please throw my ball!





Keep ballin’,