Maine Vacation - Part 3 (Final)

Also see Part 1 and Part 2.

Well, I am now back home from my week-long vacation to Maine. I had a super time there, and would be happy to go back anytime. I will miss it but at least the people of Maine will have my stories to tell for a long time coming.

Here’s Mum and I walking down the dock for what was our last fishing session. Just by looking at this picture, I’m sure you can understand how difficult it was for me to leave…

Latty Cove Maine

Mum is actually a pretty good fisherwoman, but unfortunately she didn’t catch anything for me this time. But nonetheless, it was nice just being on the dock as the sun set, enjoying the cool sea air and all its smells – trying to build a lasting sensory memory of the ocean to take home.

And yes, Mum is wearing socks with sandals, but she was on vacation so give her a break ; )

Wiener Dog Fishing

And don’t be disturbed by my lack of a life jacket here. Whenever we go on the boat or spend a lot of time on the dock, Mum makes sure I wear it – even if I prefer not to.

Cute Dachshund

As I mentioned in Part 1, this vacation was meant to both exciting and relaxing – and that’s exactly what it was.

In terms of exciting, I took up sailing! So from now on please refer to me as Cap’n Crusoe whenever in a maritime context.

Dachshund Sailboat

We also went to visit the famous Bass Harbor Head Light (lighthouse) in Trenton. That wasn’t as exciting as fishing, but while I was there I figured I might as well pose for a couple of photos. I’ll sell them to Maine’s tourist board sometime to be used as postcards – and then sit back and enjoy the royalties!

Bass Harbor Lighthouse Maine

Then in terms of relaxation, I spent a good amount of time kickin’ back in the hammock and just soaking it all in! Dad kept complaining that I wasn’t giving him a turn, so I had to learn to share – which I admit is not my strongest quality.

Dog in Hammock

But in terms of relaxation, there’s nothing that quite beats the beach! The sun, the sand, the babes, & the cool breeze – this may very well be the thing I’ll miss the most.

Wiener dog on beach

Side note: I got a nasty comment on Part 2 of my vacation to Maine (which was deleted), but the person was accusing my parents of ‘animal cruelty’ for burying me in the sand. I thought this was quite funny actually – like Mum and Dad could ever be cruel to me? ha. In fact, I could have popped out of that sand anytime I wanted as there was barely an inch over my back. It was purely my decision to stay there! And when I did feel like getting up, I did.

Anyway, as the saying goes, “haters gon’ hate”, so what’s a guy to do? It’s all part of being a celebrity..

Back to the exciting, adventure side of things. When we didn’t have a lobster in our trap we had lots of crabs. They aren’t any nicer looking than lobsters, but they moved around more so that kept me a bit more interested in them.

Dachshund and Crab

I still like fish better.

Oh, and I almost forgot. While taking a little walk through Acadia Park, I saw a horse up-close for the first time!

Dachshund with Horses

So here’s how it went. When I saw them from afar, I was very mad. I had the full tail-up-straight and hair up with the little ‘buff-buff’ barks. Mum calls it ‘the works’.

As they got closer, I became defensive, backing up behind my trusted friend Laffie while covering Mum. Laffie has more experience in these sort of situations so I thought I’d let her take the lead. Then, as they passed I got spooked and hid behind Mum. Normally I wouldn’t tell people that – but hey, what would you do if you saw something you’d never seen before that was 50 times your size?

Well, that about covers my adventures in Maine. I’m sure I’ll have a few more ‘reminiscent’ photos to share on Facebook as time goes on. Thanks to all who follow and encourage my antics and adventures. I do it for you ; )

Keep adventurin’ and relaxin’,

~ Crusoe

Also see Part 1 and Part 2.

Keep ballin’,