How I Became a Celebrity..

So in keeping with the theme of my current Celebrity Moment Photo Contest, I figured I would do a little post on one of the reasons I came to fame. Key words there are ‘one of’, as there’s more than one reason I’m a celebrity, but this story is what really got the ‘ball’ rolling (no pun intended).

Back in 2010, I attended the 3rd Annual Wiener Dog Race in Montreal. This is back before I was a celebrity. You might even say I was a little shy.

The event was my real first big gathering of dogs (dachshunds), so it was a bit overwhelming, I’ll admit. But it was amazing to see so many others like me! Brown, black, dappled, and even wire-haired dachshunds – back then I hadn’t yet developed my mistrust in them.

Anyway, I had trained a lot for the race. I even shaved my whole body to reduce wind resistance. Just kidding. You really think I would sacrifice my looks for performance? Fat chance. What really got me nervous (but more so curious) was seeing all the camera people around from the Local News Station. There was something about it that just drew me in front of those cameras..

When the race actually started, it hit me, and I froze. I didn’t even run the race. I told people it was just because I didn’t want to embarrass the other dogs (which was in a way true). So that was a bit disappointing. But hey, if you’ve read one of my previous race posts you’ll know that the next year I came back and whooped their soft, squishy butts! You can read about that here, which also explains why wired-hair dachshunds are so sneaky. But hey, don’t get me wrong. I’ll still like a wire-haired if they prove to me that I can trust ’em.

Wire-Haired Dachshund

But it’s not all bad. After the race it was time for the Best Trick Competition. Luckily Dad brought cheese curds – my favorite. All the contestants gathered around in a semi-circle facing the immense crowd of onlookers. It was nerve-racking. But when they started going around and performing their tricks, I had a bit of a restored confidence (because they weren’t very good!).

When it got to me, I performed my signature trick, “Bang!”, no problem. It was a no-brainer that I won after that. And the best part about it was that the camera guys caught it all on film. So that night, I had my first debut on television! We went home, and when I saw myself on that TV, I knew that was where I belonged. Plus, I got a nice red ribbon to show everyone.

Dachshund Wins Best Trick

Take a look at the below video. You can watch the whole thing if you like, or skip to 2:45 to see me perform my trick.

When I didn’t win the race, I knew I had to come back for redemption. I trained all the next year, and as I said I came back and dominated. I even walked away as the winner for best costume, too! Gotta show them who they’re messin’ with.

Now I’m just waiting for this year’s event.

So that’s how my celebrity status got its start. It’s like cheese. Once you get a taste, you just want more. But with my current photo contest, you have the chance to be featured on my blog – and to have your own claim to fame (unless you’ve already had one!). I look forward to next week when the voting begins!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,