Holiday Travels: Airplanes & Ice Storms

I have had an interesting holiday break thus far, to say the least. I’ve shared little tidbits about it to my social networks, but for this post, I’ll start at the beginning.

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Which was in the airport. We were flying from my home in Ottawa to my brother Oakley’s home in Toronto. For some of the new fans, Oakley’s parents are the parents of my Dad. Oakley and I also shared the same father, but had a different mother, and were born a year apart (me being older).

Below is my face of realization that Mum didn’t book me in first class. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, because year after year I’m always disappointed.

Crusoe Dachshund Waiting in Airport

A cozy, roomy seat with on-demand snack service and Dog TV – is it really that much for a celebrity dog to ask for?

So anyway, I told myself that if I can’t ride in first class, I damn better be able to sit in a regular seat without being stuffed in that little carry-on bag and shoved under the seat in front like a piece of luggage.

Crusoe on a plane

So I quickly snagged Dad’s seat next to Mum before he was able to settle in.

I’m used to having flight attendants swoop over me and demand I be zipped in, but as we were flying with Porter to Toronto Island, they were very friendly and lenient.

But as we were about to take off, they said I should be put in my carry-on bag for safety.

I then placed my paw in the way of the zipper to present my last words to Dad in a final hope he might stand up for my rights and privileges as a celebrity dog aboard this aircraft – that he fight for the injustice that was being inflicted upon me and demand the first class treatment and comfy seat with on-demand snack service and television I so rightfully deserved!!!

Dog in Carry On Bag Airplane

It was no hope. Dad was a big wuss.

I was put in the bag and placed on the ground. Dad had courage enough to leave me unzipped, but I still gave him the “never forgive you” look.

Small Dog Carry On Bag for Travel

Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, the day after we landed in Toronto we got hit with an ice storm, losing power for 5 days and disconnecting me from the world and my fans. Luckily, I had some Facebook posts scheduled ahead of time, otherwise I really would have left my fans in the dark!

It was nothing like I had ever seen before! Big branches and whole trees crashed down in the forest endlessly from the weight of the ice! It sounded – and looked – like a war zone.

Toronto Ice Storm

Mum said I couldn’t even go on my regular expedition through the woods out of danger of having a branch or piece of ice fall on me. So I was cooped up inside in the candlelight by the fire with my brother Oakley.

Dachshunds by the Fire

That didn’t stop us from being festive though. Thanks to the mum of Frankie and Zoey for making us these ties!

Then when I did have to go outside, Mum or Dad had to go with me, following me like a hawk.

But not just because of the ice. Recently at Oakley’s house there’s been an abundance of coyotes, coming right up to the house and pooping on the driveway! I told Mum and Dad I could hold my own against them and that they didn’t have to worry, but of course, they did.

If you listen to the sound in the above Vine video, you’ll hear what we heard continuously – snapping trees.

Being the optimist I am though, I used this opportunity to practice my ice crunching.

After about 3 days, the plan was to leave this icy, desolate and lifeless landscape and drive up to my chalet in Quebec where there was power and only snow – no ice!

So we hopped in the car and away we went – but not before the humans spent almost a full day cutting all the trees that had fallen over the driveway!

Toronto Ice Storm

Yet I soon realized I didn’t have a toy to keep me occupied. Mum had the limited foresight to pack all my toys away in the back of the car, not even leaving one for me to play with.

So of course, I had no problem stepping all over her to find the bag with the toys!

Dachshund Climbing in the Car

After a long 8 hour car ride, it was a relief to finally arrive in Quebec!

Quebec Dachshund

Oakley and I needed to stretch our short little legs. So the first thing we did was go on a nice little expedition together.

Being of the competitive spirit, we couldn’t resist racing each other through the snow!

Dashing Through Snow

Appropriately captioned as “dashing through the snow” ; )

But now that we were in Quebec, the fun could really start. And by that I mean Santa would be here soon with his team of elves to deliver us our much deserved presents.

Oakley and Crusoe Christmas

From here, things could only get better!

Stay tuned for my next blog post for the grand present opening event and a special Christmas Dinner – as made by Chef Crusoe and Sous-Chef Oakley!

Here’s a sneak peak of Chef Crusoe coordinating the making of the stuffing!

Dachshund in the Kitchen

Hope everyone else’s holiday break got off to a better start than mine! Let me know in the comments!

Keep makin’ the best of it,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,