Chasing Waterfalls – Camping Part 3

Continuing on Part 1 and Part 2 of my east coast camping trip, in this installment we planned an exciting hike for the day!

So that meant we had to wake up nice and early, which I’m never really a fan of until I hear someone say that special word…

“Crusoe, wanna go on a walk?!(Correction – “expedition”, is what I call it).

Dachshund Under Covers

That wakes me up pretty quickly! I go from being the laziest one there to the one most anxious to get going! Following which, Mum will say, “now if only there was a word that would make Dad get out of bed that quickly…

So anyway, we embarked on our hike with the brisk air of the morning nipping at our heels.

I was in no rush though. I was to savor every moment.

Adventure  Dog

The trail we followed was one that contoured the coast, oftentimes right along the cliff’s edge overlooking the ocean below.

Hiking with a Dachshund

I generally don’t allow myself to be leashed for such grand adventures, but I agreed that if Dad tripped and fell off the cliff, then at least I would have a means of pulling him up to safety..

On our way we passed some beautiful sights, like this little waterfall of crystal-clear spring water tinkling down a rock face of green moss.

Waterfall Dog

A refreshing sight for the thirsty explorer!

Then our trail took us past this -the tallest lighthouse in Canada.

LIghthouse Gaspe Quebec

So I obviously had to pose for a photo.

Crusoe the Dachshund

From there we continued the grueling march upward in elevation, even passing a second little waterfall which I obviously had to go explore.

Waterfall Gaspe Quebec

Continuing henceforth, we finally we arrived at yet another lighthouse.

This one wasn’t as tall as the other, but then again, pretty much anything is tall compared to a dachshund.

Dachshund Lighthouse

But I guess one could say that my larger-than-life personality makes up for my physical height.

At this point we had climbed a good bit, so there was quite the beautiful view to behold!

Beautiful Gaspe, Quebec

Excuse me for a moment…

Bring Dog to Quebec

…Sorry, just needed a quick second to take that all in.

We had now been walking for a couple hours though, so after a moment of enjoying the view and a refreshing drink from my water bottle, it was time for a quick rest on Mum’s lap.

Dachshund Cute Girl

But it doesn’t take much to give me a second wind!

As soon as Dad started snapping sticks I knew it was time for a lil ol’ game of catch the stick! Or in other words, another way for me to make up for my lack of vertical height!

So as I teased in Part 2, do you think I caught this one?

Dachshund Jumping for Stick

Well, a true fan of mine would know that I never miss my mark.

Dog Jumping for Stick mid-Air

…Or at the least, a true fan would know that I’d never admit to not catching it ; )

From this point, we had an easier walk downhill, and through the shade of the forest which was nice.

Hiking with Small Dogs

I even found a few shortcuts over the logs that crossed the stream.

And anyone who has seen my explorer training guide video knows that I recommend using logs to your advantage whenever possible.

Dachshund on Log

It was a good thing I did, too, because it eventually led us to yet another one of nature’s many eye candies…

Behold this enchanting misty waterfall, where the sunshine itself looked as if to be the source of its waters!

Beautiful Waterfall

Let me share with you my moment of discovery when I first came across it…

It was a wonderful spot, despite the water being absolutely freezing cold.

Dachshund Waterfall

That didn’t deter me from dipping my paws in though. Any great explorer would do the same!

From here we had virtually finished the expedition, but I still had one more surprise up my sleeve (tucked inside my harness).

Along the way I had collected a small bouquet of flowers to give to Mum..

Dachshund Flowers

Just as a little token of my appreciation for everything she does for me –

Like taking me on this camping trip!

Dachshund Holding Flower

Of course she thought I was just the sweetest little darling ever…

That is, until we got back to the campsite and I began demanding she promptly bring me my dinner!

Crusoe Trailer Dinner

Heck, can you blame me? I’d been hiking all day!

But, I was quickly contented when the beer and brats came out.

Beer and Wiener Dog

A perfect finish to a perfect day!

And I don’t know who ever said you shouldn’t chase waterfalls, but in my opinion, I say go for it!

Keep chasin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,