Happy Mother's Day!

Let me start by saying happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, whether your children be people or doggies or both! My Mum means a lot to me, and so I look upon this day as quite a special one – even though I am usually more fond of Christmas or other holidays where I get new toys. However, it’s nice to give once in a while, too..

Mum does a lot for me. She’s my #1 caregiver and comforter. Mum can always count on me turning to her for some real motherly loving. I’m not a big cuddler either way since I find it babiesh and a hindrance to my carefully carved image of a bold, adventurous celebrity. But boy do I miss her when she leaves for all her vacations!

I wanted to do something really nice for her today. I heard breakfast in bed is a popular idea for moms, so I thought I would give it a try. It’s not that I didn’t want to be original, but I figured it was something you have to do at least once for your mom.

So Dad helped me cook a breakfast for her of eggs, toast, strawberries, and orange juice. I insisted we add some kibbles to the egg, giving it a little bit of ‘my’ flavor. I thought she would appreciate a little Crusoe touch.


She didn’t seem quite sure about it at first. I assured her it would be tasty, and that kibbles mixed with egg are actually a surprisingly good mix. She didn’t go for it, so I offered to do a little taste-test first, just to show her how good it was.

I was right. It was delicious.


I guess she doesn’t like kibbles that much, because she didn’t touch the egg. I just blamed it on Dad’s poor cooking skills. Strangely, she believed me quite easily..

After that, I felt I needed to do something even better. I know all moms like flowers – at least that’s what the media has educated me to think – so I decided I would go find a beautiful flower and do some cute poses with it. Mum seems to melt over my really cutesy flower photos.


So technically this flower was for my Mum, but I’m saying that this photo is for all my fans that are moms out there. This one’s for you!

And I was pretty thoughtful about it, too. I chose an orange flower because it’s supposed to be the most popular color of 2012. Hey, part of being a celebrity is keeping up – or rather, staying ahead of the trends.

To get the most of my flower, I stuck it in my collar for the day (a portion of the day at least).


Edit : Dad later turned this photo into a nice watercolor painting for Mum, as seen below:


She seemed to really like these. I just hope it shows her how much I appreciate everything she does for me. I’ve always thought that anyone who picks poop up after you must really love you. That’s my Mum! But of course, that’s not all she does for me.

My Mum makes sure that I always look my best (not that it’s very hard for me); she makes sure I’m fed and watered (she only gives me filtered water – not out of the tap), and overall, she just looks after me the best. She even makes Dad do the things I don’t like, such as giving me a bath and trimming my nails. So, I think any dog would have a hard time not loving her.

And at the end of the day, she finally gave me a big kiss for all my efforts. Again, I’m not a real kissy doggy, but I accepted this one ; )


Now I feel all melty!

That’s all folks. Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep lovin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,