Halloweenie Costumes & Contest Results!

As most of you know I’m sure, yesterday was the Halloweenie costume contest event in my home town, to which I had been summoned as the esteemed celebrity judge. Yet that wasn’t the only contest I was judging! For all my worldwide fans, I let you submit a picture of your dog’s Halloween costume for a chance to be featured in this post, so the winner is posted below.

But before we get there, let me share with you the events from yesterday’s occasion.

First and foremost, BATDOG received a very much appreciated upgrade to his outfit. No longer just a mask and cape, BATDOG now features a full suit of body armor – forged in the fires of Mordor and capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it doesn’t fare so well in the rain..

Crusoe as BATDOG - batman Halloween costume

Call it a slight technical glitch.

Anyway, that’s not even the best part. It also comes with a utility belt featuring a high tech babe magnet (not that I need one) and a wire haired detector (that will come in handy).

So at the Halloweenie event, my managers (Mum and Dad) set up a table and booth for me, where we donated some of my fan gear to sell – all proceeds going to the Canadian Dachshund Rescue.

Crusoe Dachshund Charity Booth

I was happy to see my 2014 calendars were a hit.

Crusoe Donation

Then, fans could also take a picture with me (BATDOG) for $5, which also went to the rescue of course.

So for the first good part of the event, it was my duty to pose for photo after photo, meeting just about all the costume contest contestants. Let’s run through a few of them.

One of the first ones was this cute Hawaiian chick with a grass skirt. At this point I’m thinking that instead of collecting $5 we’re going to have to start taking phone numbers.

Hawaiian Hoola Girl Costume

But they weren’t all so “sweet”.

There was a little guy dressed as a shark who was quite deep in character (good for him), yet he kept sniffing up my legs and I was starting to get worried he might actually try to take a bite!

Dachshund Shark Costume

Luckily that photo was taken and we moved on.

There was also this handsome prince. I couldn’t help but admire his crown and wonder why I don’t have one like that..

Dachshund Prince Costume

At least I’m on the higher pedestal.

Then there was the funniest little tiger. I couldn’t figure out why he always looked so worried!

Dachshund Tiger Costume

But once his owners completed his ensemble by flipping on the hood, I realized why – his costume was a ‘blind tiger’!

Tiger costume for dog

I’d be worried too if being in costume meant I couldn’t see.

He wasn’t the only worried one though. I also had the pleasure of taking a photo with this adorable little Minnie Mouse. Although, I think standing next to the ‘Dark Knight’ might have been a little too intimidating for her..

Minnie Mouse Dachshund Costume

Either that or she was just shy to be around such an acclaimed celebrity dog…

All in all, I really didn’t mind just sitting atop my step and observing all the action. It gave me a better perspective to observe for any suspicious behaviour.

It was then that another superhero requested a photo with me. I had never heard of this “S.R.” before, so was a bit wary of his intentions. Did he want to overtake my top spot? Was he trying to steal my spotlight? I couldn’t be sure…

Super Hero Dachshund Costumes

I then realized the reason for my skepticism, for I knew I recognized him from somewhere! He’s Rusty Ruru, one of my trusted wingmen and attendee of the Sexy Ladies Wiener Party.

After all the photos, it was time for me to step down from my throne and join the crowd to judge the contest.

BATDOG costume

The categories for the contest prizes included: Most Original Costume, Funniest Costume, Scariest Costume, Best Super Hero Costume, and Best Food Costume (since wiener dogs like to dress like hot dogs).

Below was the super-cute jester, who won Most Original Costume. You may know her as Zoey, the sexy lady on my right from the wiener dog pool party as well. And I swear my choice for her as the winner was completely unbiased – despite how good she looked in her bikini at the pool party.

Cute Jester Costume

…Boy did she look good in that bikini…

There was also this adorable little dachshund in her Swedish country girl outfit, who I definitely would have chosen for Cutest Costume if there were such a category. Love those bow ties on the ears!

Swedish Girl Costume

While perusing the floor, I also came across a beautiful grey dachshund who was appropriately dressed as Dracula. However, he was getting much too close to my neck for comfort…

Dracula Dog Costume

I know vampires are considered sexy nowadays, but I’m still on the fence about it (a wooden picket fence).

I was about ready to kick BATDOG into high gear when I noticed a potential shark fight about to take place. I guess they had a disagreement on who was the bigger fish.

Shark Fight Costume

Luckily they resolved it before BATDOG was forced to step in.

Yet, the tiger still looked very worried.

Worried Tiger

I was somewhat tempted to choose myself as best Super Hero Costume, but I had to keep reminding myself that despite how much I wanted another trophy, BATDOG is not a costume.

So I chose Robin Hood as Best Super Hero. And for the Funniest Costume I had to choose this little guy who was dressed as a squirrel.

Squirrel Costume

At first my thought was that this squirrel looked an awfully lot like a wire haired dressed as a sqiurrel (makes sense now that I think of it), but I double checked my new wire haired detector on my utility belt and it gave me no reading. Phew! This squirrel is only a Yorkie/Doxie mix.

For the other categories, I chose a biker gang member as Scariest Costume and a frog as Best Food Costume (since all the other ‘food’ costumes were hot dogs, and frogs could technically also be frogs’ legs).

So that wrapped up yesterday’s Halloweenie event! I was quite tired by the end, but it was a job well done – and a necessary celebrity appearance.

Best Batman Dog Costume

But wait! It still wasn’t over, as I still had to decide on the winner from my worldwide Halloween costume contest!

A few honorable mentions before we get to the winner though!

First was this homemade ensemble of traditional Bavarian garbs, made by Roberta Merwin from St. Charles, Illinois. Looks like their costumes come with background props!

Bavarian Garb Costume

Next is the ‘Dox Dynasty’ gang, by Barbara Lambert of Orlando, Florida! Not sure if wire haired’s count as a costume since they already have beards?!

Dog Dynasty Costume

And our winner is the adorable Mr. Jack Sparrow, by Erin of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

jack sparrow

Don’t be fooled by that look, ladies! I know it all too well – it’s the look of booty plundering.

Congratulations to Jack, and to everyone else for their amazing handywork in costume making and ideas! Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

But before you go, I haven’t showed you MY Halloween costume, since BATDOG of course is not a costume. Looks like Barbara from above had a similar idea, because I present to you the Duck Dynasty Trio – as coordinated between Mum, Dad and myself!

Best Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume

Why are Mum and Dad wearing camouflage while I wear orange you ask? Well obviously because I don’t want them to take me for the wrong kind of duck!

I’m the get-in-and-get-out kind of decoy.

Keep quackin’,

~ Crusoe

P.S. Don’t forget tomorrow’s my birthday!! I turn 4.
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Keep ballin’,